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Samsung Dishwasher Model:DWFG725L Detailed Video Review

Samsung Dishwasher Model:DWFG725L review

hi I’m a column for appliances online today we’re living in a new dishwasher and Samsung the DW FG 725 it’s an in ox finish now looking at the back of the machine comes with a normal plugin Lisa simply plugs into your normal power point the connection is a single hose connection which we connect up to your cold water it has got the anti flood device on that as well and when you screw that’ll to your tap if you have any issues with it it’ll actually cut the water off with the mains connections stop any internal flooding now looking at the control panel let’s touch control simply depress yeah simply depress the button it’ll light up here in the center here has six different wash programs using the program button here you can scroll through and select the right program to wash whatever is inside as you’re going down through you have got a half load option which means you can select what in the top section the bottom section well both going down further we have a timer so you can delay the start up to one hour increments on an off button or if you depress it if you select the wrong cycle three seconds hold that in and you then select the next program if you’re going to use tablets or powder you can decide which way is better for you if you’re going to select tablets then select the button here up and your icon comes up on the center in an LED display and then you’ve got a child lock on those as well now if we hold that in for five seconds at least it’ll help their way up we’ve got a child lock initiated there in the center and we’ve got a power zone now that’s good if you are going to wash pots and pans or heavy soil plates I’ll show you where that is now it’s simply open up a door it’s a nice firm lock on the front so pull that down firmly at the front here you’ve got the dispenser here with detergent you can simply push the button on the side here tablets will detergent in here you got your rinse aid on the side here now rinse aid is good to use in all machines I prefer finish the idea of using a rinse aid with them any machine is that assists in the drying process make sure that everything comes out sparkling clean and there’s no residue left behind you need your powers and when you do select that you’ve got two zones at the back here that dark blue sections so Paul you played some pots bands to the back of your wrecking keep that in mind if you want to lay the tongs down you put odds take juices here on the bottom normal place here and here looking at the middle rack smaller plates up here dessert plates dishes you can double rack here or you can put your wine glasses in now if you want to give yourself more room in the bottom area we simply lift it up okay and that’ll take up to 36 centimeter plate most dinner plates are 28 centimeter so you don’t have plenty of room at the top here we’ve got our slide-out cutlery drawer we simply slide that towards you you can load your knives and forks in here one behind the other when you want to take them out when they’re clean can we take it out put them away and then simply insert the rack back into the position close it up all done down the bottom here get your stainless steel filters there’s a micro mesh filter and there’s a larger filter in here as well that’s a little all large particles get caught in here and anything it gets past the micro mesh people will get pumped out in your wash water just check that every time you use the machine keep it nice and clean all the time now we do get a lot of questions asked it’s really connect to hot or cold water cold water is always preferred in the pre-wash stage cold waters enters the Machine and pre-wash it loosens everything off your place and takes the scrubs down to the bottom filter once it’s finished it’s pre wash and then dumps that water will then take clean water in and we’re going to heat that water up to the quick wash temperature that you selected for your cycle so I hope that helps you with making dishes and whether to go hot or cold water let’s sell Samsung dishwasher I hope this video will assist you in making your decision to buy from appliances online you hi I’m Colin from appliances online today we’ll pick the Bosch freestanding classic white dishwasher the SNS 50 a 32 a you study with

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