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hi I’m Colin from appliances online today we’re chef 540 white conventional oven but is a hardwired units a electrician needs to wire it directly from the board to the unit here some of the nice accessories we have at the back we have a mini splash back that simply attaches here at the back through the screws makes it look like a free-standing unit you can tile up to here or directly at the back here now with the configuration we have on the top burners here we have one large and three small burners we have a little red indicator on here that’s a surface indicator let you know when the unit is on because these don’t glow now we do have a spillage we can actually simply wipe up here it’s nice and deep recess isn’t we just wipe around the burners let’s have a quick look at the control knobs from left to right each one of these control knobs operates each one of the burners on top so we have a little indicator here which simply indicates which one you’re going to use so it’s just a case of turning around to left or right and you go from low right around to a high setting on the far right hand side we have our thermostat setting we turn that round to the right it goes right around to the maximum temperature and then one further for the internal grill and then simply back to off at the front we have a nice D Shake handle it’s enameled it’s a nice feel to it it’s quite strong nice easy feel to it down the bottom we have nice single hinges like it’s a nice smooth operation one piece of glass that’s a nice feature by chef to layers on there keeps the heat within the oven it also makes it nice and easy to keep clean looking inside the oven it’s a nice big opening 80 litre capacity we’ve got three accessories here included with the particular stove we have your tray at the top which is a grill tray which take the insert out becomes your baking pan the two other wire racks are included in a mold all the way around and with no sharp edges it’s nice smooth rolled edge and this makes it nice and easy to keep clean then we have our chef 540 wide upright stove to URT on all parts and labor I hope you find this video helpful when shopping with us here at appliances online you hi clients online today we’ll put the ship uprights Doh 540 wide separate world in white with the connection of it back it’s a hard wired connection so it needs to be

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