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Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer Model:DD60DAX8 Detailed Video Review

Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer Model:DD60DAX8 review

this dish all has been designed to be built right into your kitchens cabinetry and featuring a stylish stainless steel finish it will find no problem blending in to your kitchens de call now this space-saving distro can make a stylish addition to any compact kitchen and thanks to fisher & paykel smart destroy technology you’ll be sure your dish draw will produce outstanding wash results time and time again with a total of 14 place settings this distro has a place for every cup plate and dish you and your family use within its smart racking system there is also a range of settings that enable the dishwasher to wash everything from the fine glass and crystal to heavily soiled pots and pans at just the touch of a button now this destroys control panel can be found just here on the top of the door here you can select one of nine available wash programs depending on whether you’re quickly washing a few dishes or thoroughly cleaning heavily soiled pots and pans then just hit start and you’re ready to go if you have a preferred cycle that you use regularly the dish draw will remember the last cycle you use so all you’ll have to do is load your dishes and then press Start this dish drawer also features an independent draw based dishwashing platform which means both drawers operate independently so different wash cycles can operate simultaneously looking inside the drawers you can see that it has been smartly designed to make more efficient use of its available space much if the distros racking can be folded and adjusted to fit items of different sizes and specialized storage options are also included for delicate long-stemmed glassware there’s also a removable cutlery basket now the whole appliance is run by the fisher & paykel smart drive motor which operates using fewer moving parts to help deliver more efficient cleaning available with a 24 month warranty for peace of mind and featuring a 4.5 star water rating fisher & paykel have been producing high quality appliances for many many years and this dishwasher is no exception thanks for watching

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