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Fisher & Paykel 304L Upright Freezer Model:E308RWW Detailed Video Review

Fisher & Paykel 304L Upright Freezer Model:E308RWW review

if you are in need of a backup freezer or you’re looking for a matching freezer for your Fisher and Paykel upright fridge then this could be for you don’t be fooled by the size because even though this is a relatively compact freezer the 304 litre capacity will still let your store frozen food for up to four people and when you combine it with the matching III 73 litre Fisher and Paykel upright refrigerator to create a Pidgeon pair you’ll be provided with even more storage space for your home looking at the front here this freezer is finished in classic white and features an interchangeable door so it can be incorporated into any kitchen layout with ease inside the freezer here there are five freezer baskets available to hold all your frozen foods making it easier to organize and access everything included are these two ice cube trays at the top here and the freezers control is located at the bottom rear of the cabinet here you can readjust the controls as necessary to suit your individual preference the controls have been factory set to position for four normal operating conditions and the freezer temperature should be approximately minus eighteen degrees another handy addition is the door alarm which will beep after 60 seconds if the door is accidentally left open if the door remains open subsequent beeps will sound every 30 seconds for five minutes and if you still haven’t noticed after five minutes a continuous alarm will sound and will stop once the door is actually closed this freezer also features a frost free system so you don’t have to manually remove any annoying frosty buildups and that’s the three hundred and four liter Fisher and Paykel upright freezer in classic white available with the two-year parts and labor warranty thanks so much for watching

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