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Fisher & Paykel 380L Top Mount Fridge Model:E381TRT3 Detailed Video Review

Fisher & Paykel 380L Top Mount Fridge Model:E381TRT3 review

this is a classic British design with a white finish from Fisher and Paykel with the top mounted freezer to provide easy access to your frozen food the e38 1tr t3 that we’re looking at today has a door hinged on the right and opens from left to right another model the e38 1tl t3 has a dog that’s hinged on the left but is otherwise the same this fridge has a volume of 380 leaders making it a good mid sized fridge for a growing family of three or four before you buy make sure to double check that you have enough room available in your kitchen leaving some extra space free for ventilation looking inside the freezer there’s one shelf available that you can adjust to different heights to suit the size of your frozen food there’s also a bin on the freezer door for extra storage space the lower refrigerator section includes glass shelves that you can rearrange to different heights to more efficiently store your food these shelves are designed to help contain spills so they don’t drip all the way through the fridge the door bins are ideal for storing bottles and cans and the covered shelf at the top is handy for storing eggs and dairy a full width crisper bin at the bottom of the fridge helps keep fruit and veggies fresher for longer using a humidity control system to set just the right level of moisture to suit whatever you’re storing that’s the fridge door alarm as well to remind you to close the door you can also use the included dividers to keep your fruit and vegetables organized keeping the fridge cool is Fisher and Paykel active smart system which uses temperature and humidity sensors to keep close track of conditions inside the fridge and a microprocessor to automatically adjust the compressor speed for efficient cooling and you can also make your own adjustments to the fridge or freezer temperature by using the straightforward control buttons

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