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Fisher & Paykel 442L Bottom Freezer Fridge Model:E442BRWFD5 Detailed Video Review

Fisher & Paykel 442L Bottom Freezer Fridge Model:E442BRWFD5 review

fisher & paykel range of active smart fridges are designed to make intelligent use of energy to ensure optimal coolness and efficient operation this bottom mount design from the active smart series is finished in classic white and with a 442 litre capacity it’s large enough for a household of two to four people the fridges designer handles help to make a style statement in your kitchen and while this models white finish never goes completely out of fashion the same model is also available in stainless steel if you prefer like other fridges it’s important to check this models measurements before you buy and confirm that will fit into your kitchen leaving extra space free for ventilation around the sides the top and the rear the refrigerator section on the top here places all of your food and drink right at eye level where it’s easy to access just inside the door here we have the smart touch controls for managing the fridge and freezer temperatures as well as the special cooling mode these include a fast freeze for quickly freezing fresh food for long-term storage and a bottle chill alarm that comes in handy when entertaining unexpected guests just stick a bottle of wine in the freezer hit the bottle chill and an alarm will sound after 15 minutes allowing you to enjoy wine at a nice cool drinking temperature the fridges shelves here are made of spill safe glass so your food and drink can stay safely secured and any messes and now that’s the door alarm which we also have a button for up here so if you want to turn that off just hit the alarm mute and that will stop the door from beeping the shelves are also adjustable so they can be moved to different heights to more efficiently organize food and drinks of different sizes there are also sturdy bins mounted on the doors and these can also be arranged at different heights to better organize your bottles and jars at the base of the fridge section here are the two half with crisper bins each with its own humidity control slider you can use this to set the best conditions for whatever your story such as creating a human environment for leafy green vegetables or a less humid environment for fruit if you take a look here these slide out really easily and they’re super smooth this doesn’t happen with a lot of other fridges the freezer compartment is found at the base of the unit and swings open just like the fridge inside the freezer is divided into several drawers for organizing your frozen foods whether for short term or long term freezing there’s even a shallow drawer tear in the middle which is ideal for keeping trays of ice cubes ready to serve and for peace of mind this Fisher & Paykel active smart fridge is available with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty thanks so much for watching

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