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Fisher & Paykel 442L Bottom Mount Fridge Model:E442BRXFDU5 Detailed Video Review

Fisher & Paykel 442L Bottom Mount Fridge Model:E442BRXFDU5 review

this 442 litre bottom-mount fridge from fisher & paykel features an easy clean stainless steel finish which is like the name suggests easy to keep clean it also has designer door handles situated here on the left meaning this fridge opens from left to right the convenient ultra slim water dispenser found right here on the fridges door does require plumbing but everything that you need to connect it to your kitchens water supply is included there’s also a small child lock button on the panel which can help prevent curious little fingers from making a mess taking a look inside you’ll notice the LED lighting that illuminates the entire fridge which is much more energy efficient than many of the old-school incandescent and halogen globes this model is also fitted with height adjustable shelving made from tempered glass that’s strong enough for all your groceries they also have a spill proof design that helps prevent small spills from becoming big messes to clean up there are also two easy to pull out crisper bins down at the base of the fridge each with their own humidity controls for keeping your fruit and veggies nice and fresh there’s also storage down the side of the door for bottles jars eggs and dairy the temperature control panel can look after both the fridge and freezer compartments with a simple plus and minus key control this control panel also has a bottle chill feature for quickly cooling a bottle of wine in the freezer if an unexpected guest pops over after about 15 minutes an alarm will sound notifying you that the bottle is now chilled there’s also a fast freeze mode for rapidly locking in food freshness as cinge to get it home from the shops and of course a door alarm is fitted to remind you to close any doors if they remain open for too long down in the freezer section there’s a deep storage section at the bottom and a shallow a drawer for organizing your pastry sheets frozen pizza bases and alike there’s also an automatic icemaker section at the top left which will keep a supply of ice flowing though it does also need to be plumbed into your water supply keeping the fridge cool is fisher & paykel active smart system which uses temperature and humidity sensors to keep close track of conditions inside the fridge micro processor to automatically adjust the compressor speed for efficient cooling so if you’re looking for a refrigerator for a mid-sized household of two to four people that also provides convenient ice and water then this 442 litre bottom-mount fridge from Fisher and Paykel is worth considering thanks for watching

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