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Fisher & Paykel Electric Wall Oven OB90S9MEPX2 Reviewed by product expert – Appliances Online

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hi I’m Yannick from appliances online and this is the Fisher and Paykel built-in pyrolytic oven with its low profile design this doesn’t look like most other 90 centimeter wall ovens this can help you use space efficiently in your kitchen and it matches well with Fisher and Paykel similarly designed appliances such as the dish drawer dishwasher and the called raw integrated fridge while this oven isn’t of a standard shape it does offer a net capacity of 85 liters providing plenty of usable space for preparing your meals looking at the outside the oven is finished in a black glass and stainless steel creating an elegant look that’s easy to coordinate with the rest of your kitchen the door is also quadruple glazed with its own built-in cooling system to make sure it stays safe to the touch while the oven is operating looking over at the side we have the electronic control panel and dials allowing you to select your cooking temperature and cooking mode you can also pre program a set cooking time so even if you get caught up preparing the rest of your meal the oven will automatically switch off when the time is up looking inside we have the nice clean interior it’s easy to keep this section clean thanks to the ovens pyrolytic self-cleaning which heats the oven up to very high temperatures in order to reduce food splashes down to a fine ash that can be easily swept away with no need for harsh chemicals or scrubbing one great accessory that comes with this oven is the rotisserie grill allowing you to perfectly prepare poultry pork or any other meats to succulent perfection this oven must be hardwired and should only be installed by a qualified technician and that’s the Fisher & Paykel electric wall oven a clever design with an impressive capacity easy-to-use controls and pyrolytic self-cleaning thanks for watching and remember to subscribe to appliances online for more helpful appliance videos like this one hi I’m Mel from appliances online and this is makes sa3 5mx microwave in stainless steel now our customers are big fans of this great looking microwave the reliability and value for money with the 34 litre capacity the microwave accommodates large dinner plates making it ideal for families looking at the outside we have the beautiful stainless steel

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