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Fisher & Paykel 123L Fridge Model: RB90S64MKIW1 Detailed Video Review

Fisher & Paykel 123L Fridge Model: RB90S64MKIW1 review

here we have the 123 liter integrated frigate or from Fisher and Paykel now this unique fridge option can be used as a handy storage area in small spaces such as under a bench because this unit is designed to be built into your kitchen be sure to purchase a panel and handle that will match surrounding cabinetry or check out the accessories tab on our site for the stainless steel option from Fisher and Paykel now the cool drawer is a multi temperature unit which can be used at five different temperature settings with the touch of a control interface to deliver a flexible storage solution with the press of a button on the top of the drawer here you can switch between these options freezer mode can be set at minus 18 degrees for general frozen food storage fridge mode for standard food storage or pantry mode for food that requires storage in a cool dark place there is also a chill mode for keeping perishable items such as meat or seafood as close to freezing as possible while still holding in the freshness for creating delicious gourmet meals finally there is a wine mode which is perfect for storing and presenting wine it can be set at 12 degrees for long-term storage or for short-term storage 7 degrees for white and 15 degrees for Red’s you will also notice features such as fast freeze bottle chill and deep freeze for further tailoring the draw temperature for your specific storage needs now inside the draw here you’ll see that the fridge is divided into removable bins for easy filling or cleaning there is also this sub-tree which can be used to separately store additional items for easy access now along the right hand side there is also enough space for full-length bottle storage the draw style design and LED lighting paired with various storage spaces and temperature mode makes this multi temperature draw from Fisher and Paykel a stylish and ergonomic storage solution for the kitchen or entertainment space thanks so much for watching

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