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Fisher & Paykel 519L French Door Fridge Model:RF522ADUSX5 Detailed Video Review

Fisher & Paykel 519L French Door Fridge Model:RF522ADUSX5 review

taking a look at this mind hundred and nineteen litre French door fridge from Fisher and Paykel you will notice it has a fingerprint resistant stainless steel finish as well as some designer door handles which are designed to match some of Fisher and Paykel other items in their kitchen range such as their dishwashers and cooking products now also on the front here you’ll notice that there is a water dispenser just here which does require plumbing however everything that you need to connect it to a standard connection is included there’s also a small child lock button just here which can help prevent curious fingers creating a mess taking a look inside the fridge here you’ll notice that there is LED lighting that illuminates the entire fridge which is much more energy efficient than the old-school incandescent glows now this model is also fitted with height adjustable shelving which is made from tempered glass to ensure they are strong enough for all your groceries now they also have a spill proof design that helps prevent small spills from becoming big cleanups down the bottom here there is an easy to open crisper bin with two storage sections each with their own humidity controls for ensuring maximum freshness you also have storage down both sides of the doors for your all your bottles jars and other smaller items now on the left-hand side up here you’ll see there are the temperature controls for both the fridge and the freezer compartments with simple plus and minus key control this control panel also has a bottle chill feature for quickly cooling a bottle of wine in the freezer even unexpected guests pops over now after about 15 minutes an alarm will sound notifying you that the bottle is chilled and of course the door alarm which you just heard is also fitted to remind you to close any doors if they remain open for too long now down here in the freezer section you have a deep storage section in the bottom and then you have a smaller drawer just here that can be pulled out for organizing your frozen goods on the left of this top drawer there is also an automatic icemaker section which will help keep your ice supply flowing once you’ve plumbed the fridge into your mains water so there you have it the 519 litre French door fridge from Fisher and Paykel supplied with a 2-year manufacturer warranty thanks so much for watching

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