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Fisher & Paykel 628L Side by Side Fridge Model:RX628DW1 Detailed Video Review

Fisher & Paykel 628L Side by Side Fridge Model:RX628DW1 review

Fisher and Paykel side-by-side fridge is a really nice choice for a family home thanks was generous capacity and simple styling the fridge we’re looking at here today is finishing white but a stainless steel version is also available now this big fridge has 628 litres of storage space available which is more than enough to efficiently feed a family of say five or more now because it’s so large it’s important to make sure your kitchen has enough available space before you buy including ventilation room on the left hand freezer door we have the electronic control panel now what you’ll find is this lets you set your preferred temperature for both the fridge and freezer sections this is also where you can activate the fridges other special cooling modes including fast freeze and Max call options for rapidly locking in food freshness as soon as you get it home from the shops as well as the holiday mode which optimizes the fruits energy use for low activity periods such as when you go on holiday now opening up the fridge and the freezer here with the straight handles you will see that you have a range of storage options available for your fresh and frozen food now both sections are illuminated by the LED lighting at the top and include a mixture of shelves drawers and or bins now the glass shelves can be adjusted to different heights to help you better organize food and drink of different sizes the fruits crisper drawers include adjustable humidity settings to store fruit or vegetables in their ideal conditions now as the diagram down here shows fruits tend to be better in low humidity while vegetables prefer high humidity to stay fresher for longer now as you just heard that was an alarm to give you a warning to close the door now let’s take a look over here at the freezer compartment now you notice you have the three shelves here and you also have the ice compartment just down here all you have to do is keep this full of water you’ve got your twist buttons here and you’ll see that underneath there’s just a draw which collects the ice you’ll also see on the side here you’ve got plenty of storage bins in the door thank you so much for watching and this is the Fisher & Paykel fridge and freezer

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