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Frigidaire LFPH33M4LM 3.3 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator Detailed Video Review

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Frigidaire 3.3 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator Model:LFPH33M4LM review

alright guys so today I’ve got this little Frigidaire mini fridge this belonged to some family members and they said one day it just stopped cooling and they’ve already replaced it they were just gonna get rid of it so of course me being me I wanted to figure out what was going on with it and see if I could fix it so you see I’ve got just a thermometer in there and it’s sitting almost 70 degrees in there you can see up here the thermostat is on of course I don’t have a plugged in but let’s take a look at what we got now because this was plugged in at my family’s house I know that it’s not it doesn’t have a direct short it wasn’t blowing fuses or anything but if you’re you have a unit that you’re not sure the history of you want to just check just to make sure there’s no straight shorts to ground or anything like that so I’ve got my meter here and I’ve just got it said on continuity check and then I’ve got the plug and I’m just gonna touch this is you the ground wire for this plug so I’m gonna touch one terminals of that and the other just gonna make sure that that for sure is grounded you can see some green wires in here and so I’ve got continuity to ground and that’s good but what you don’t want is you don’t want continuity from either of these pins on the plug to ground so that’s all we’re gonna check for here so going from one pin to ground no beep other pin to ground no beep so we’re good the other thing to note is if you do continuity between the two flat terminals we’ve got continuity if you were to go in and turn the thermostat switch inside the refrigerator all the way off you’d lose continuity here that’s a way that you could test the switch a thermostat switch so I’m gonna go ahead and plug this in and see what happen and now these compressor motors are really quiet I can hear a slight hum and I can feel but I just heard a click and so the compressor tried to startup but it couldn’t and there’s a device called an overload which will disable the basically open the circuit just so the compressor doesn’t start to run if it gets too hot what happens is that overload it’s got a little metal disc in it that once it cools down it’ll make contact again and you I just heard it click again and so the compressor is trying to start and there’s the click and the compressors off again so it looks like we’re cycling through this the overload circuit keeps getting tripped and it’s gonna continue to do this probably forever so this is just you can see these compressor motors they say thermally protected and so that’s what this is it’s just a thermal protection to keep the compressor from burning up so it’s not working for us so I’m gonna go ahead and unplug it and dig in a little deeper alright so I’ve got it unplugged and you definitely want to unplugged because underneath this box you’re gonna have mains voltage so this one it’s got a little plastic cover there’s this little metal clip here you just need a flat pry tool to pry this clip out you pull that out and then this cover will just slide off so we’ve got this big thick wire bundle coming up and we’ve got a white wire and a black wire the white wire goes to one side of this little round device back here that’s our overload it’s got that little heat sensitive metal plate in it and then through that the black wire will come out and it connects right to the top of our compressor plug here now the black wire coming out of this bundle goes to this little black device here and that’s our start relay so go ahead and pry this off and I can already hear an issue so this will relay it just has one wire going into it and on this backside you can see it just plugs on to the bottom two pins of the compressor connector so these relays if you shake them and they make noise they’re bad yep that’s so good so lucky for me Amazon to the rescue so I’ve got a replacement here so a bad one you can see it’s a 4.7 and that’s a 4.7 oh this is just a replacement I’ll post a link to this down in the description so you can get your own but we’re just gonna hook the single wire up to it and then plug it back on the bottom two connectors of the compressor and just so I don’t risk any shock I’m gonna put this back on and snap the clip back home and now I’m going to plug it back in and see what happens Oh I can actually hear the compressor humming now so it started up its running and eventually I’ll start feeling your inlet line and outlet line one side will be cold once I will be hot so I’m gonna let this run for a couple minutes and about 15 30 minutes and we’ll come back and see how it’s doing all right so it’s been about 30 or 45 minutes and you can tell it’s definitely cooled off it’s now under 60 degrees I did notice I had the thermostat turned all the way to the warmest setting so I just turned it almost of the coldest setting now so they should start cooling down a lot quicker so that’s it for this one guys quick cheap easy fix give this refrigerator a little more life if you like what I do be sure to hit that thumbs up button hit the subscribe button to catch any of my upcoming stuff and we’ll catch you on the next one thanks guys

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20 Replies to “Frigidaire LFPH33M4LM 3.3 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator Detailed Video Review

  1. Hello, thank you for the video. I followed your steps, got the part off amazon, replaced the part, and the mini-fridge is still not getting cold. Can you help me with any further steps before I have to call it a day and buy a new one?

  2. I have a brand new Galanz 1.7 mini fridge. Plugged it in when unboxed, it got cold a couple hours later. It sat for a couple of weeks, and now the compressor runs, gets hot, but absolutely NO cooling. No refrigerant oil anywhere, or any other obvious signs.

  3. 6:15 my fridge had another component that goes on the top prong and it rattles a lot and the same relay on the bottom two prongs. Do you know what that’s called?

  4. Awesome video. This helped me solve my issue right away. I am s student at the University f waterloo and my dorm mini fridge stopped working with the clicking noise on Sunday, by Tuesday i had the issue solved by buying a 5$ part on Amazon and following this video. Thank you so much!

  5. This is now our extra freezer and I love it.>>> It was delivered in perfect condition. Ideally, a freezer should be -5 to -10 degrees. Set at 2½ it is holding within that range. I like how the coils are visible inside the freezer.

  6. I just bought a new 3.3 cube mini fridge. It doesn’t turn on but I noticed according to this video mine is missing the inlet copper line that you mentioned.

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