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Freestanding Westinghouse electric oven/stove PAK143W reviewed by Product Expert – Appliances Online

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looking at the westinghouse 540 wide conventional upright stoves that’s 540 wide with the control panel back so that’s easy to use with the controls here operation your four hot plates giving you three small and one large in the middle here we’ve got the light switch sugar able to turn the oven light on and off then we got the ringer timer grill control and oven control now as we move down the front we have up the grill here the variable grill position give you three different settings for the height it is a manual grill but so keep the door open whilst grilling moving down further to the oven that’s a conventional oven so it’s no fan so it’s a nice slow gentle style of cooking in here you’ve got enamel intent internally two adjustable Rex they are fully adjustable from top to bottom single hinging so gives a nice smooth open and close you have got enamel on the door again easy to clean and you can take the inner glass out for wanting to clean the oven or the oven door I’m doing the screws here just a glass out you can clean both panels of the glass we’re all wasting us products you’ve got two year warranty in home service on all parts and labor you

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3 Replies to “Freestanding Westinghouse electric oven/stove PAK143W reviewed by Product Expert – Appliances Online

  1. Heat on those platee is so unreaseanbly low, its takes 5x the time it does on gas to cook anything, I’m using the same model.

  2. The element in the oven has that guard thing that keeps off bottom , does that go right at front and element sits on that and can you buy spare elements for oven and grill ,mine blew out but it’s a good old oven

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