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Fridgemaster 205L Bottom Freezer Fridge Model:MBC55275_WH Detailed Video Review

Fridgemaster 205L Bottom Freezer Fridge Model:MBC55275_WH review

hi i’m helen from AO comm and this is the fridge mustard building for treason now you don’t have to be a genius to figure out that this is a built in model so you will have your own cupboard doors attached to the front once you get this home so you’ll get a nice flush look in your kitchen now let’s take a look at the capacity so in here it’s going to be most suited if there’s a lot of you at home we’ve got some medium-sized family this is a 205 at least it capacity so plenty of room to fit in all your fresh ingredients if you love to cook from fresh rather than frozen this model is going to be most suited to you when it comes to the space on the door here you can see you’ve got the four shells you really can stock up on all your favorite fruit juices or if you think your beer on the weekend you can stock up on those when it comes to the space inside glass shelves you can see lots of room and lots of adjustable levels so if you got a party coming up and you need to stock up on all those cocktail sausages you really can’t fit quite a lot in when it comes to being healthy as well and no reason not to view this model to fruit and vegetable drawers you can see plenty of room if you like to go to your local markets and stock up on your fresh fruits and vegetables now this model is really quite great because it’s an auto-tuned defrost model so there’s a hole on the back wall and this will drain any water so you’re not going to get a buildup of ice it’s going to make sure that’s in here it’s kept a frost free when it comes to a control panel just the one tile inside the fridge here really easy to maneuver to get to the temperature that you desire now let’s move on to the freezer now the compartment down here in the freezer isn’t as big as the compartments in the fridge as I mentioned before this model is going to be most suited to a family who like to cook from fresh but you do have seven to lease dish you have the three drawers here that are transparent and they will be able to stock your favorites as said and she’ll see your frozen chips or your frozen vegetables now the drawers on here although the plastic do feel really strong and you can stock up on your frozen meals you can lay them on top of each other or your favorite ice lollies for the children now this model is great because it features a power failure safe storage so you have 12 hours if you’ve had an electricity cut you’ve got 12 hours where you don’t need to panic you don’t need to pop round to your neighbour start distributing your frozen food because you know that your food is in safe hands now this model really is great for a family home and if you love to cook from fresh rather than frozen it’s going to be the perfect appliance for you for an idea of how it’s going to look in your kitchen here’s how it looks in ours and make sure you do check the dimensions of this appliance before you purchase to treat you have got the space available this is the fridge master built-in fridge freezer and with some great features on here like the auto defrost and power failure safe storage your food really is in safe hands now I hope you found this review helpful I’ll see you soon

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