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Fridgemaster Fridge Model:MTL55249_WH Detailed Video Review

Fridgemaster Fridge Model:MTL55249_WH review

this fridge master model is a great choice if you’re looking to stock up on your fresh food there’s plenty of space available and it’s also not going to cost a lot to run either costing on 21 pounds a year to run back to it’s a plus energy rating plenty of room for you to stock up on your weekly shop inside this model can hold 13 shopping bags of food so plenty of space to really stock up on that fresh produce and inside you can tailor the shells as you wish you can make room for larger items if you need to and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be healthy thanks to the very large salad draw at the bottom now this model is also going to save you a job as well because it features auto defrost technology it’s going to drain away any water through the hole at the back preventing ice from forming and building this really is a great model for a busy family home allowing you to stock up on your fresh produce but don’t just take my word for it why not check out our customer reviews and Q&A sections on our websites you

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