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Fridgemaster 102L Fridge Model:MUL49102_WH Detailed Video Review

Fridgemaster 102L Fridge Model:MUL49102_WH review

hi I’m Emma from AO comm and this is the fridge master fridge it’s nice and petite quite small great if maybe you’re looking for an office fridge or something or you haven’t got much room in your kitchen this could be an ideal now I’ll take a look inside to open the door to give it a gentle pull that’s all that’s needed as it opens up feels pretty strong there’s nothing wobbling the doors or anything and now this is a pretty small hundred and two litres but I do if you are living on your own or maybe you’re looking for something like for the office like I said to be able to put just a few sandwiches in or you might be looking just for an interim fridge before you move into a new house and then get something bigger and this could be OK for you very basic inside but everything feels really well made and you’ve got a couple of shelves here that you can move up and down if you wanted to anything that was a little bit taller you should be able to fit in but as you can see we’ve got your tall pots of yogurt and also a cake in there slightly disappointing for me is a fruit salad and vegetable box because yes you do have the width but it is fairly narrow I have to say so when it comes to your longer items like your cucumbers carrots no problem but when it comes to a hundred you melon you’re gonna have to chop it up I’m afraid and just pop it on some plates instead now this is an auto defrost fridge which means you don’t have to manually frost it yourself just the back was a small hole there and any excess water or any condensation that builds up will drain away through that hole and that’s good because it will prevent the build-up of ice and you won’t have to do that nasty chore yourself which normally put off and put off and put off well you don’t need to put it off because you don’t have to do it in this particular model now I’m gonna do business cow it’s reindeers from a triple plus 2d this model has been rated an A+ and give me an idea of how this could look in your home take a look and see it in our kitchen and remember to check the dimensions before you buy so you know that you’ve got enough space available for this fridge in your home so this is a fridge master fridge and what you see is what you get it’s small and it’s very basic inside it is pretty well made though but when it comes to stocking up on your fresh produce you want he trips the supermarket I hope you found this review helpful and I’ll see you again soon

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