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Fridgemaster Under Counter Freezer Model:MBUZ6097 Video Review

Fridgemaster Under Counter Freezer Model:MBUZ6097 review

hi I’m Sam from AO comm and this is a fridge master built under under counter freezer so it does exactly as you would expect it freezes your food and it fits underneath your counter so if you’re looking for something that can go under the worktop perhaps you don’t have the space to have something built into a taller cabinet then this is perfect it’s got an average amount of space inside as well so if you just have a look so inside here there is ninety seven liters of capacity available and this is a very average for an under counter freezer I think you’ll struggle to find one with any more space what’s brilliant is its price so if you spent loads of money on your new kitchen and you’re having all the new built-in appliances to go with it so now perhaps on a bit of a budget then this one would be great and you do still get the clear transparent front so you can see the food you’ve got inside now 97 litres isn’t that big however if you have a bigger family maybe a family of four you might need to consider some more freezer space perhaps in the garage so the drawers feel fine they’re pretty basic and simple there is some nice technology with this model which I’ll tell you about in just a second before I do I’ll just point out the dial down at the bottom so if you do want to change the temperature then you can do so now if there is a power cut in your home the power failure safe a storage technology is going to be really useful it actually keeps your food frozen for up to 12 hours so you have plenty of time to call an electrician and get your appliance up and running again in no time so for an idea of how it could look built into your kitchen here’s how it looks in ours please make sure you do check the dimensions before you purchase so if your shop you got a budget this under counter freezer will be perfect it’s going to have a fantastic look in your kitchen of course because you’re going to have the matching door on the front so it’s going to be hidden away but giving you enough space for all the noise sunshield thank you for watching I really hope you found this review helpful I look forward to seeing you again soon

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