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Fridgemaster 133L Under Counter Fridge Model:MBUL60133_WH Detailed Video Review

Fridgemaster 133L Under Counter Fridge Model:MBUL60133_WH review

hi I’m Casey from ayo dot-com and this is the fridge muster built under fridge well it’s not an awful lot to say about the exterior of this fridge once it’s been built in you won’t even know it’s there just sitting pretty behind your own cupboard doors looking on the inside so opening up you do have quite a solid door though it feel even stronger once you’ve got your own door on the front but you’ll see the inside you do have quite a dinky amount of space it’s not too big it just 133 liters of capacity but if you are living on your own have to got a bachelor pad or if there’s two of you then there’s ample space we have to put in your weekly shop now despite its size you are able to move those shelves around so if you are looking to put something a little bit bulkier in you’re going to be able to do that and then down at the bottom is where you will find your salad drawer now you do have to lift the top up to be able to get into that I always find that a little bit of a fast especially if you do have stuff on the top but aside from that you do have quite a lot of space inside of there so you can still stock up on all those healthy goodies onto the door you’ve got your standard storage with the eluded compartment and then enough space down at the bottom to be able to pop in those all-important bottles of juices and milk now this model is auto defrost so down on that back wall you will find a little hole and this is where it’s going to drain away all the moisture water condensation that can build up over time and it drains away before you can then turn into any I so defrosting your fridge should be a thing of the past and that means we’ve got plenty more time on your hands to do whatever you please let’s see how this may look in your kitchen take a look at how it looks in ours and please do make sure that you check all of the dimensions just to make sure they have plenty of space available so this is the fridge master under counter fridge and it may be small and very basic but it’s going to provide ample space for a single person or a couple smell to store all of that beauty shop probably found this review helpful and thank you for watching

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