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FRIDGIDARE 24.5 Side by Side Stainless Steel Refrigerator Model:FGSS2635T24F Video Review

FRIDGIDARE 24.5 Side by Side Stainless Steel Refrigerator Model:FGSS2635T24F review

hey YouTube got another product review for you today this one here is on the Frigidaire Gallery side-by-side refrigerator it is model number FG SS 2 6 3 5 TF 6 this is a 25 point 5 cubic feet refrigerator you’ll find this model mostly it like Home Depot Lowe’s Electronics Express if you have one and several other stores it’s a pretty common model number refrigerator and it the MSRP on its 14.99 usually find it on self around eleven hundred dollars if you look on Lowe’s and Home Depot dot-com they both have 4 out of 5 stars one of the thing that I do like about this refrigerator is the stainless steel is smudge proof and if you’ve never owned oh just an untreated regular stainless steel appliance you will really thank yourself for getting something that is smudge proof now when I say smudge proof or fingerprint resistant it’s not perfect because you will see a little grease off your fingers on the door handle and if you touch the the stainless door you will get some on there but it does clean off a lot easier and it doesn’t seem to show it as bad as just a regular stainless refrigerator so it does make a big difference it’s not 100% though one thing that I will tell you that I have found is on stainless steel if you go ahead and treat it with something it seems to it just seems to to work better as far as the stainless not smudging is bad and I know you guys probably laugh but I thought this particular product in the car section it’s made by McGuire’s it’s paint protect it says 365 days worth of durability and it’s easier than wax beats like crazy well I just had this stuff laying around and I thought well what the heck I’ll give it a try it’s really liquidy and you know you don’t have to rub it on and polish it and buff it but it just works you just rub it on put a layer of it on there and just go back and and wipe it off and I swear it it really works great I put it on my stainless steel sink and when you wash dishes you can definitely tell it keeps that same cleaner because it helps that water beat up but anyways back to the refrigerator I just wanted to get to the review and and show you the the inside of this baby I’ve had it for about a week now and so this is not a long-term review I don’t really know anything about it as far as reliability but I can tell you just in the week that I’ve had it I’ve really enjoyed it and I haven’t went to the grocery store intentionally because I wanted to go ahead and do a review on this and not have a bunch of groceries in here I just got some of the basic things that I needed but anyways one of the things that I do like about this refrigerator is if you look here on the side it’s got these big big wide drawer or these little openings they’re not actually drawers they’re just like little cubbies and they’re wide enough where you can actually put a gallon jug in here that’s that’s what they’re they said in the description that these are gallon joke size little openings so I thought that was pretty neat I I can stick a two liter down in there and it holds it you know I ain’t worried about it breaking or anything it seems to be really pretty strong one other thing that I like about it is the amount of room that it has if you don’t think a cubic feet matters that much it really does just a couple of cubic feet is actually quite a bit more so that’s the first thing that I noticed was having extra space because I my last refrigerator was a 23 cubic feet and so this one’s a 25.5 so this one has the the spill-proof shelves so it’s got a little ledge in here and it’s got this metallic looking strip it looks like metal I’m not sure if it is or not but anyways it just looks real sharp it matches the edge right there matches the that stainless on the outside so I really like the look of it the filter replacement element is or the filter location is really easy to get to I want to go ahead and give you the model number for the replacement filter while I’m thinking about it bear with me here the model number for the water filter is an EPT W fu0 one and so it’s really easy to get to you just pull that out and then it here on the other side this is a pure air ultra filtration system and basically what it is I’ll kind of zoom in you can see that that’s black back there well what that is is just a little cartridge that slides in right here on the end and what it is it’s activated charcoal because as you know charcoal picks up smells and just filters them out and so I thought that was really handy keeps you from keeping a thing of Arm & Hammer in the refrigerator to help keep the air clean but the first thing that I noticed when I opened the doors to this refrigerator was the amount of light as you can see this thing has LED lights all over it and it just really lights it up I thought that was really cool plus it’s energy-efficient you can see there’s one there there’s another one here in the back and then there’s another one here on the side and you know I know that’s not gonna save you like a million dollars a year on your electric bill but it does help a little bit because they’re they’re more efficient it has the humidity control drawers here in the bottom where you can adjust adjust it for your vegetables and here’s your chill control thermometer you can adjust that keep it little colder in here little warmer whatever you want and facing the switch over to the freezer I’ll go ahead and tell you when you get the refrigerator the way that you put the doors on is there’s like a little inset allen head screw and there’s one on the bottom as well you just slide it on the on there it’s got these little little tabs that stick out and you just tighten it down that’s real easy you can see when you look into the freezer the first thing that you notice is the LED lights there’s one right there and then there’s another right here on the side and it’s very bright as well one other thing that I thought was really cool was this icemaker usually the icemaker usually goes all the way across the top here and it takes up this whole room and there ain’t really nothing you can put in that area well in this particular freezer it’s big enough where you can take and put a pizza box in there I thought that was really cool you know put any kind of microwavable dinners or anything in a box will fit up in there and he’ll you might even be able to stack two on top of one another it’s a pretty good space the icemaker it pulls out real easy and you can look [Applause] this one makes a different style of ice than I’m normally used to usually it makes oblong looking cubes and all the other freezers that I’ve had before but this one makes little little squares I found that pretty neat and let me tell you this thing to pump out the ice because I love ice and my drinks I love to keep it super cold and and you can tell well you can’t tell because I just emptied it but I just emptied all this ice out in the sink and it normally just keeps that thing super full I’ve emptied it four or five times just take and clean out the ice maker they tell you when you first get your refrigerator to run several gallons of water through the water maker and then several trays of ice through the ice maker so it works it works great you don’t get any trash in your in your water or ice and if you look here in the back bottom it’s getting this huge basket and it’s got a big cupboard there in the bottom it’s got a lot of room in there I really do like this and it’s also got these cubbies here on the side of the door and like I said this this fridge and freezer both have quite a bit of room so anyways guys if you go here to the front you can see that it’s got a LED display you know on the front of it just got that sleek look which I really like and pardon me for not going ahead and reaching down in there getting all the the plastic wrap the protective wrap that was on here off I’ve got to get down in there with like a pair of tweezers or something and pull that out but uh just want to kind of show you how how it works you know it’s a touchscreen it’s already set for water and there’s your water and then when you click that it lights up it tells you the freezer temperature and the refrigerator temperature and you can adjust it tells you the water filters good the air filter is good then you sorry about the camera work there I move my arm then you can switch it over it probably won’t go very fast and put ice in here because I just emptied it out there yeah but you can see that it works great and then it has the ice crusher everybody’s seen that and then it has a your light push button it lights up and then it’s got all the different options and you can adjust the temperature and all this kind of stuff and just play around with it so anyways I want I did this intentionally when I got water wall go I left water I just kind of made a mess just so you could see what I was talking about with that uh McGuire’s paint protectant stuff you can see I just wiped the the fridge down and look what happens when I spilled some water it just beads up like a car now whenever you wipe this stuff on don’t get it on where you know ice is gonna be coming out but you know everywhere else where water is gonna sit and fingerprints are gonna get I just went ahead and wipe this stuff on there and you can see it does a outstanding outstanding job you see it on that the outside right there where I get a little splashed on there so anyways I’ll show it one more time if you guys are interested in it it’s that McGuire’s paint protect 365 days worth the durability you know go check it out guys highly recommend both of them so yes this is gonna be pretty much the end of the review there’s not much to tell other than the width of the refrigerator it’s 36 inches and the depth is 35 point eight seven five and when I say the depth that’s from the very back of the refrigerator to the outside edge of the handles now if you go on Home Depot or Lowe’s comm and click on the description they can tell you all the exact details as far as the measurement from just the inside or the outside of the handles and then they’ll tell you also the height from just the case of the refrigerator to the top of the hinges and then they’ll tell you another measurement to the top of the doors so if you really want to research this thing out just go to Lowe’s or Home Depot come and check it out they can really provide you with more information than you want to know on these things but I hope this refrigerator to last me a long time and go check them out talk to you guys later

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  1. Looking at refrigerators today. Bought a brand new Samsung in 2016 and it completely stopped working now. I think we are going to but this thing tomorrow! Thank you!

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