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Frigidaire Gallery French Door Refrigerator Model:FGEB28D7RF Detailed Video Review

Frigidaire Gallery French Door Refrigerator Model:FGEB28D7RF review

just clean don’t make mess we’d love to have parties if there’s anything to celebrate we’re celebrating I’m Joan I have one daughter Hannah she’s 14 my husband Paul when we’re getting ready for a party Paul does a lot of the cooking and the prepping I tend to do the organizing I was laughing the other day because we recently went shopping I opened the fridge and I’m like your fridge is so empty it wasn’t empty it’s just that there’s so much more space cool thing about this fridge is these shelves are actually flexible you can flip one of the shelves to the side and now you can put a tall bottle there this is really cool I’ve never seen this there’s another shelf where the front of the Shelf slides under the back of the shelf I noticed that I could fit tall serving platters there and if you can have groceries in one hand and change the configuration of the refrigerator with the other hand the tracking system that holds the crisper drawers goes all the way up and down in the back of the fridge I reconfigure this in so many different ways makes it really convenient and flexible the icemaker actually makes crushed ice and my daughter likes to make smoothies we found that using crushed ice to put in the blender to create smoothies makes it so much easier the freezer is cool too because the top shelf is one long shelf yet you can fit a lot even height-wise in it then the bottom shelf actually adjusts with the divider you want the fridge to look good when people come over I like the new finish on it because it doesn’t show all my fingerprints usually with us our parties everyone has a great time do a lot of dancing we have a lot of great friends it’s one of our friend’s birthday so I did get her a little cake [Applause]

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5 Replies to “Frigidaire Gallery French Door Refrigerator Model:FGEB28D7RF Detailed Video Review

  1. When they delivered my refrigerator, I couldn’t figure out how the soda rack went in. This video (and the shot at 0:34) showed me how. 🙂

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