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GE 25.4 Side by Side Refrigerator Model:GSS25LSLSS Detailed Video Review

GE 25.4 Side by Side Refrigerator Model:GSS25LSLSS review

my older brother just got a new refrigerator side-by-side stainless steel and we’re gonna take a look at it and see what it looks like so would you say this is a fairly large one not medium-sized yes I think it’s like 25 cubes probably 25 G yeah do you need it’s got the digital panel there on the freezer got water crushed ice cube dice and you also have a light which is nice mm-hmm it’s got lock controls and it’s got the reset for your water filter and this will come home and it’s ready to be changed and it has a door alarm your long yep okay are you thinking a hand on wheels pretty good quality handles seem pretty yeah we got a little space between us and a nice grip attractive okay no this has got your freezer controls around up or down for your freezer in the schedule your actual temp is mm-hmm this is what the set tooth is set to 40 long these comeback song okay open that bad boy up see what’s with the crack inside our refrigerators all right now nice don’t like don’t why yep and then back you’ll see your filter mm-hmm and over here are your events so if you ever put anything in here make sure that’s hot don’t put it near there okay and they pull out you can see what’s back there now we have to show you get all these different slots didn’t you adjust them with okay got two drawers got a busy drawer with the humidity control on it and then you got you meat drawer down there dairy butter and so forth and over here these are adjustable in there so that’s nice and these are removable and you can wash them in warm water keep them clean now the small ones go on the bottom because you need your clearance for your drawers yeah so they don’t adjust your station yeah yep can move up and down okay nice doors yeah I like the hey you got some space up here nice matrix right here you can just put ice cream whatever bar there’s a little shelf here for some storage oh okay this shelf doesn’t move the slide out as well angle right here we use water this tray comes out you see me make sure you wipe and clean down there cuz it will get moldy and this can be washed off with warm water I wouldn’t put it in the dishwasher okay we got stainless steel on the front just like a vinyl on the side why didn’t you ask comments those show fingerprints of it yeah but you can use a stainless steel cleaner keep that niacin here we have it GE side-by-side stainless steel fridge look for the title for the model number how do you get to that yeah lift it up and pull it out oh yeah you lift this up and pull it out it’s overflowing all this right now okay and that’s the on and off switch and this is your little arm I’m gonna make sure it moves once the ice fills up it’ll hit that and it’ll keep it from pulling any more out I just pull some forward and that’ll clear that arm and it’ll move to fill up again little cheat sheet [Music] all right so would you say scaling out of space it’s pretty loud looks like the means got a little light right there from the freezer okay yeah I line at the bottom as well oh yeah the light down here too okay see the Bayeux pretty nice mm-hmm all right here’s the cubed ice feature so we’ll try that first okay that’s a little while hold your cup a little closer and we have crushed there’s the crushed ice it’s not very uniform we have water it does come out at an angle so if you have a bigger club it’s not too bad it has a separate light feature which is nice make sure you clean up inside of here then you have your lock controls which can hold for three seconds once this comes on for your water filter this light turns on it’s time to change it once you change it you’ll hold it for three seconds so it’ll go back off and then you’ll know it’s good to go and you have your door long features which especially the doors on okay so when the door is left open what for about a minute starts beeping door law letting you know that you are simply forgot to close it close it stops beeping

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12 Replies to “GE 25.4 Side by Side Refrigerator Model:GSS25LSLSS Detailed Video Review

  1. Sure would like some smooth sliding shelves in frig’s .. It would improve functionality tremendously .. after all getting to items that you store in the frig is the main thing a frig is built for after getting and staying cold. I think frigs have a long way to go. I believe its much more important than digital controls. One thing Id love as a basic feature is hot water though, lol .. something many people using more than once a day.

  2. Ok, have to mute this. Because you are probably going to subject the listener to 100 beeps during this presentation. Just turn them off.

  3. Thank you for posting this video. I read a couple of reviews and read complaints about how noisy it is. Did you find it noisy? Are you still liking your fridge? What have been your pros and cons, please?

  4. Love the video thank you. Just bought the fridge. Anyone having any issues with the ice making? Seems to be taking forever to make any. Thanks!

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