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GE 25.4 CF Side by Side Refrigerator Model:GSS25GSH Deteiled Video Review

GE 25.4 CF Side by Side Refrigerator Model:GSS25GSH review

[Music] hi guys Louie here I’m gonna do a quick review of the refrigerator I just purchased because there weren’t very many on YouTube oh there’s that darn cat shush I made it on the move this is a GE gs25 it is a 36 inch wide 69 and a half a height stainless steel GE side-by-side and as you can see it barely fit this house was built about 20 years ago bear barely fit in here but it did fit well it is not a counter depth and it does stick out so if you are looking for this particular model note that it does protrude from the wall quite a bit but it is a large capacity one of the larger ones and it was one of the most affordable in the side-by-sides in a reliable category just to show you to identify this one it’s hard to do by model number but this one has the icemaker that has the single kind of the single black arm coming out of it and it does make ice cubed and crushed it also does water I’m going to show you that really quickly because there were a lot of comments about the icemaker and so here we go we are on cubed ice okay that is cubed and of course you can also do a filtered water so here’s the I’m sorry uh here’s the water button the controls are very easy to understand and here is your filtered water comes out by and we’re still clearing this one you have to run a bunch of ice and water through it to begin with to get the chemicals out so I have not tasted the filtered water yet but I assume it’s okay on the inside we have the freezer on the left okay here’s the icemaker on top with a thing that passes through so you can grab your eyes here is the capacity we filled it up really fast it has these doors that are pretty big and beefy you lose the space here to the icemaker and then on the inside a pretty standard amount of freezer space it looks like we can get a frozen pizza in there which is one of our criteria and room for various things okay so there’s the freezer we also have a deep freezer so the freezer was not the most important part here’s the part that we were not sure about and that is the capacity of the right side of this thirty-six inch wide 25 cubic foot capacity refrigerator I like the illumination the illumination is really nice you can see absolutely everything in there and on the doors you have room for your eggs and these big you can’t really quite see it but these are all gallon sized and or not all of them are gallon size but you have a couple of gallon sized shelves and lots of room on the top I mean here’s a giant bottle of wine giant box of wine so and then individual compartments with humidity control CRISPR on the bottom plenty big the pieces are not as not as beefy as may be our last GE which lasted 15 years it never actually did die so you know it’s a it looks like it’s adequate storage I would say all right we looked at other models and after looking at reviews and such we we decided on this one based on affordability and size the stainless steel itself is certainly not a high-grade excuse me a high-grade stainless steel it’s a you can’t really see that Union it’s kind of a kind of a well it’s just it’s not a high-grade stainless steel the handles you know same thing it does show fingerprints so my wife will kill me for this but you know that that fingerprint there is gonna be there forever until you wipe it and you need to wipe it pretty well to to get rid of it so you’ve learned very quickly with this one not to not to touch the stainless and to only touch the handles which also get fingerprints so if that drives you crazy then perhaps you’ve bought the wrong refrigerator but so far I’m very happy with the cost we got this one from Home Depot on a great sale considering how much refrigerators cost and free delivery and you know had the capacity we needed stainless steel pseudo stainless steel appearance it is black on the sides if that bothers you then you wouldn’t want that yeah so that does have a black but we really didn’t care about that all right we did review several other models and you know there are many pricier refrigerators I understand I step up from this oh good that was the noise it makes when it makes ice it’s not obtrusive at all and not a thing in the world wrong with the noise level on this refrigerator if you wanted to go a step up from this I understand the adora has a better ice maker but I see nothing wrong with this as long as it does not break it’s working perfectly right out of the box okay that is my review of the GE 36 inch wide stainless steel side-by-side thanks everybody

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19 Replies to “GE 25.4 CF Side by Side Refrigerator Model:GSS25GSH Deteiled Video Review

  1. hello thanks for the review. Can I ask you if the fridge is quiet. does the compressor runs all day? Can you hear it ? I have an open floor kitchen and I have unplugged my new kenmore as it is loud and heard all over the house , big problem as I work from home.thanks !

  2. All in all looks like a nice side-by-side refrigerator. at one point I had a side-by-side but opted for a full-size refrigerator with the freezer on bottom. That better suited my needs then the side-by-side. But mine is the same way the stainless steel shows all fingerprints. Thanks for sharing brother.

  3. Very nice review, thank you! Just wondering if the freezer and frig hold a 20 lb. turkey? We are considering a side-by-side in finger-print resistant slate.

  4. A lot of Frig for under a Grand…we have our side by side for about 15 years now…still working but it’s days are numbered! Hopefully can get another year out of it. Nice review Louie!:)

  5. Louie tested, kitty approved!! that seems like a great deal for what it is. Awesome piece my friend, enjoy that bad boy : ) thanks for sharing.

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