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Haier Chest Freezer BD-319RAA Detailed Video Review

Haier Chest Freezer BD-319RAA review

hi I’m Sam from AO comm and if this is a Haier chest freezer now for the amount of space that you are getting and also some pretty nice build quality this is a very good price for a chest freezer it does feel lovely and solid especially when you’re opening up the lid a handle feels good it’s counter balance – which makes it lovely and safe when you’re opening it you don’t have to worry about it fast asleep closing or opening and it’s got a very thick seal as well making sure it’s keeping all that freezing cold air locked inside and also a light on the lid always really useful especially if you’re thinking of putting this somewhere a little bit darker maybe a utility room or if you have a cellar at least you can see the food that you haven’t got inside if you are thinking putting this at down the cellar do check the dimensions of course because it is rather big so you want to make sure that you can fit it down there first of all but all the dimensions that can be found on our website so in terms of capacity comes with 319 liters so it is good for really large really busy families as well especially around Christmastime if you like to get your turkey a few weeks before and you like to stock up on offers the couple of months running up to Christmas whether it’s from the fish counter and cuts of beef and all the vegetables as well you can easily fit all of that in here so there’s also two handy baskets so this would be great for items that you use quite a lot so whether it’s things for the kids it might be chicken nuggets or fish fingers or maybe you like to have some ice creams inside here during the summer months this applies also comes with a fantastic feature which is called super freeze and this is perfect for when you’ve got back from the supermarket with your big weekly shop it quickly lowers the temperature inside the freezer so it makes it extra cold so it’s locking in the flavors the textures and the nutrients of that newly added food and it’s also looking after the food that you’ve already got in there as well so any food that might have been in there what’s the Lisbon open it’s going to look after that as well so you know everything is taken care of so let’s have a look at the control panel then when you do close the lid it Shooks really firmly you can just tell that it’s properly closed and everything is going to be frozen nicely inside so the control panel down the bottom a nice simple dial and we also have the button to select the super freeze could not be easier the chest freezers are the best looking of appliances but this one is very spacious and like I said some pretty good build quality too so please make sure you do check the dimensions before you purchased a spacious chest freezer great for a busy family especially if you love to take advantage of super market offers or maybe you just like to bat bacon you’re always baking bread either way this will make sure that it’s keeping everything frozen perfectly thanks for watching and really hope you found this review helpful I look forward to seeing you again soon you

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