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Haier Chest Freezer Model:HCF524 519L Detailed Video Review

Haier Chest Freezer Model:HCF524 519L review

take advantage of Volk buying groceries of this higher chest freezer finish in a classic widest freezer will best suit a big household a commercial space or people living in remote areas of Australia we’re keeping bulk food frozen is a necessity for added peace of mind this freezer features a 24-month parts and labor warranty there is also a 324 litre version at 384 litre version and a 102 litre version the best sale items always seem to be involved and even if they’re not you can’t help but want to buy five or more of the items before the sale ends this is when having an extra freezer in your home can benefit you instead of trying to store all your nearly bought items in your main freezer where they can get in the way or storing items such as bread in the common where they can easily get spoiled place them in this higher chest freezer for easier access with the front position drainage outlet and adjustable temperature control you can place the appliance anywhere in the home without having to worry about constantly maneuvering the freezer to drain it or change the temperature settings there’s classic white finish and recessed handle door allows for easy placement within your home or basement while the effortless list counterweight door ensures easy opening even with one hand for better thermal efficiency that helps reduce energy consumption this higher freezer features a premium white anodized inner lining that is also easy to clean the small items baskets helps you access and store smaller frozen goods with ease thanks so much for watching and I hope this video will assist you when shopping with us here at appliances online

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