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Haier Compact Dishwasher Model:HDW9TFE3SS Detailed Video Review

Haier Compact Dishwasher Model:HDW9TFE3SS review

this is the slimline dishwasher from high up this is a compact and affordable model for anybody with limited kitchen space as it has a 450 millimeter width but can still fit 9 plate settings as you can see the dishwasher comes in a fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish and has a simple to use semi electronic dial control panel now starting from left to right here you have on/off switch the three-in-one mode for using three-in-one tablets and delayed start option to have the machine start automatically at a later time up to 24 hours away there is also a simple time remaining indicator which will change depending on what kind of wash you select now on the right hand side over here there is a program selection dial which you can use to cycle between seven different wash types including a thirty minute quick wash now opening the door you will notice that it’s counter balanced making it easy to open so it won’t slam to the ground inside the machine here there are two baskets the top of which is height adjustable to make room for larger sized items on the bottom basket there is a cutlery basket for smaller items and on the top basket there is a rack that can be used to place large items such as cooking knives internally there is a concealed heating element which warms up the water inside for improved wash quality this also helps to improve hygiene compared to hand-washing due to the higher temperatures being used inside the dishwasher there is also a triple filtration system for improved cleaning performance to ensure you can always get a high quality wash so if you’re looking for an affordable option that can fit into a smaller space it’s worth taking a look at this compact slimline dishwasher from higher thanks so much for watching

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