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Haier 462L French Door Fridge Model: HFD462FS1 Detailed Video Review

Haier 462L French Door Fridge Model: HFD462FS1 review

this is a frost-free multi door fridge from higher with a 462 litre capacity appropriate for about two to four people now keep in mind that this model has a width of seven hundred and eight millimeters so it can easily fit into many spaces where french opening doors usually wouldn’t be able to the digital LED touch temperature control just here on the front allows you to easily change the temperature both inside the fridge and freezer sections it also controls settings such as super freeze holiday mode and child lock this control panel is also where you will find the option for fuzzy logic which allows the fruit to determine the optimum temperature of operation and automatically adjust its own settings for peak performance now inside the fridge you’ll find the full width glass shelves which means even large items such as platters can fit inside with ease so it’s perfect for anyone who enjoys entertaining now these shelves are all illuminated by the LED light which is just here at the top it makes finding items easy no matter where they are stored inside the fridge the fridge also has door shelves on both sides here and a chiller drawer just down at the bottom below this there are two separate freezer drawers and these are great for a substantial 179 litres of freezer storage space this will allow you to store large amounts of food and keep it all separated into two easy to access drawers so if you’re looking for a wrench door fridge option with a large storage space yet compact design this one’s definitely worth a look thanks so much for watching

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