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Haier 85L Bar Freezer Model:HFZ-85HA Detailed Video Review

Haier 85L Bar Freezer Model:HFZ-85HA review

HEV said 85h a this higher bar freezer is simply designed affordably priced and ideal for providing a bit of extra storage space for frozen food the HEV said a t5 AJ has a clean white finish in a compact design that’s simple to set up anywhere that’s convenient in your home if you do choose to set this freezer up under a bench or a cabinet be sure to leave some additional room available at the size and at the rear for ventilation the freezer door is designed with a recessed handle that makes good use of space and doesn’t stick out the hinges are on the right-hand side of the door so the door opens from left to right it is possible to reverse this door so the hinges go on the left but that does require a bit of work with a screwdriver looking inside the interior is broken up into three transparent plastic drawers for keeping your frozen food nicely organized just above these drawers is the thermostat which you can use to mildly chill your food in the short term or put it in an intense deep freeze for the long term that said running the freezer on the maximum setting does mean that the compressor will operate continuously the appliance uses super freeze technology to quickly change the temperature allowing you to rapidly lock in the freshness of your food as soon as you get it home from the shops the freezer maintains its temperature using an R 600 a refrigerant which is more environmentally friendly than other refrigerants used in older fridge and freezer models remember if you want to get the most out of your higher bar freezer you will need to defrost it every so often if ice starts to build up in this freezer remove the food switch it off at the wall and leave the door open so the ice can fool with the container at the bottom to collect the water once the ice is melted just dry off the inside switch it back on and it’ll be ready to use once again

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  1. Hello thanks for this video I like it. I wish to ask what duration can a new freezer like this take in order to get frozen with ice once plugged in electricity

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