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Haier 440L French Door Fridge Model:HMD440X Detailed Video Review

Haier 440L French Door Fridge Model:HMD440X review

this is a frost-free multi door fridge from high with a 440 litre capacity that’s appropriate for about two to four people now keep in mind that this model has a width of six hundred and eighty-five millimeters so it can fit into spaces that many other French door fridges usually wouldn’t be able to now the fridge comes in a lovely stainless steel finish which has recessed handles across all of its doors and drawers as well as hidden hinges that give the fridge a really nice stylish yet subtle look in your kitchen the LED touch digital temperature control which is just here at the front allows you to easily change the temperatures in the different zones of the fridge and freezer it also controls settings such as the icemaker holiday mode and fuzzy logic which allows the fruit to determine and automatically adjust the optimum temperature of operation now inside the fridge just here you will find the full-length glass shelves as well as a half folding shelf that can be adjusted back and forth to provide additional space if needed to store some taller items such as bottles these shelves are all illuminated by the LED lighting tower which is down the middle of the fridge which makes finding items easy no matter where they are stored inside the fridge the fridge also has door shelves on both sides of the fridge and a storage box in the bottom and a vegetable crisper section now in the bottom left there is a removable water feeding box now this can be refilled with water and used to create ice in the ice drawer which is located just down here below now the top left drawer contains this ice that is created by this icemaker and the right drawer here is the special my zone section now this can be used as additional fridge or freezer space depending on your needs it can also be set at the optimal temperature for storing some ice-cold beverages or even keeping soft-serve ice cream ready to be enjoyed below this there are two separate freezer drawers with the bottom one again being separated by a freezer tray which allows for many different storage configurations and options this allows you to easily access your most use foods and stops items being lost deep inside the bottom of the freezer now that’s the beeping giving you the signal to close everything back up so if you’re looking for a stylish option with countless smart storage options be sure to consider these 440 later multi door fridge from higher thanks so much for watching

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