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Haier 629L Side by Side Fridge Model:HSBS628AS Detailed Video Review

Haier 629L Side by Side Fridge Model:HSBS628AS review

this 629 litre frost-free fridge from higher comes in a Cetina finish and offers a stylish look to your kitchen on the front of this model you will notice there is a temperature control panel on the left hand side which can be used to change the temperature of both the fridge and freezer as well as activate settings such as fast freeze now inside the fridge here there are four with height adjustable shelves which are designed to be spill safe which is perfect for containing any spills or messes to just one part of the fridge which saves you time when you’re cleaning up now these shelves here are illuminated by energy efficient LED lighting on the top of both the fridge and the freezer which makes finding items simple and easy and being led means less energy is wasted compared to incandescent style lighting below the shelves are several drawers as well as an easy to slide out crisper drawer with humidity control so you can better adjust humidity levels for keeping fresh fruit and veggies for the longest possible time along the door there are several door bins many of which are far enough apart for storing taller items such as bottles now over here in the freezer compartment there is a similar shelf and draw configuration again with height adjustable shelving for better organizing your frozen foods these drawers down the bottom for storage are made of clear plastic which allows you to see everything in your freezer and easily get to anything you have stored and again there are also several door bins along the freezer door here that’s the 629 litre side-by-side fridge from higher available with a 2-year manufacturer warranty with an affordable price tag and large capacity thanks for watching

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