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Haier 631L French Door Fridge Model:HTD635AS Detailed Video Review

Haier 631L French Door Fridge Model:HTD635AS review

if you love to entertain or have a lot of mouths to feed in your household then this Haier fridge may be just what you’ve been looking for it’s beautiful to look at and it’s filled with great storage space this French door fridge will bring elegance and smarter cooling and freezing to your home now as you can see here it’s finished in stylish silver and features smooth D shaped handles so accessing your fridge is effortless unlike most fridges the control panel can be found just here on the fridges door which means you don’t have to open the refrigerator and let out any cold air to change any of the settings there are four touch buttons that surround the digital display the two located at the top will control the temperatures of the fridge and freezer while the bottom two just turned here will help you select the refrigerators functions which includes super freezing holiday mode a smart door lock system and fuzzy logic which determines the optimum temperature for your refrigerator now as we open the doors here you’ll notice just how big this fridge really is the main section features two wide adjustable shelves that will let you store party platters as well as whole rows with ease now at the base down here you’ll see there are two half-width crisper bins and a four with chefs pantry with adjustable coolness control now both doors here feature adjustable door bins while the bright LED lighting tower illuminates the entire fridge section for greater visibility and to ensure even cooling for optimum food storage this Haier fridge has been fitted with a multi-directional airflow system now the freezer section down here is large enough to store all your frozen foods with ease and the door itself slides out nice and easy now inside here you’ll find a large main draw a small pull out freezer drawer and over here a manual icemaker elegant and practical and you can hear the alarm going off that means we’ve had the doors open a little too long now elegant and practical this large Haier French door fridge will make the perfect addition for larger homes and entertainers alike thanks so much for watching

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