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Haier 635L French Door Fridge Model:HTD635WISS Detailed Video Review

Haier 635L French Door Fridge Model:HTD635WISS review

French door fridges are great for families as they provide plenty of space for storing lots of food and drink now there are also great choices for anyone who regularly entertains at home as you can keep all of your party snacks and refreshments organized and easy for your guests to access now this French door fridge from hire fulfills all of those needs and it comes in a stylish design with a stainless steel finish now as you can see over here a water dispenser is in the door and allows you to instantly enjoy fresh chilled water whenever you like this dispenser does require connection to your kitchens plumbing so remember to take this into account when setting up your fridge on top of double-checking all of the measurements and leaving some extra space available for ventilation now just above the water dispenser here is the control panel where you can set your preferred temperatures for the fridge and freezer this is also where you can set the fridges special settings including a super freeze mode for faster freezing and a holiday mode that can help save energy while you’re away from home and of course the fuzzy logic mode that uses sensors to make automatic adjustments to the temperature settings and maintain optimal storage conditions now if we open up the fridges double doors here you can see the wide open space inside now there’s lots of shelves and they span the whole interior you can adjust these shelves to several different heights and if you need to make room available for larger or smaller items you can do that as well and to make sure you’ll easily find what you’re looking for inside the fridge the inside is illuminated by LED lighting now at the base of the fridge there are two crisper bins down here and these are great for keeping fruits and vegetables fresher for longer underneath these drawers is a single wide and shallow deli door that Haier has named the chef’s pantry this is a great place to store small goods fish cheeses or party snacks depending on how you set the temperature control now underneath the fridge down here you’ll find the freezer section and it’s composed of several drawers to help keep your frozen food nicely organized and easy to access now the upper drawer just here features a twist icemaker which can conveniently provide a small stockpile of ice to keeping drinks nice and fresh now you can hear that door alarm going off that just means that you’ve left the door open a little too long and you will hear that alarm when that happens there’s also sliding divider in the lower drawer to help keep everything nice and organized thanks so much for watching

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