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Haier 258L Upright Freezer Model:HVF260WH2 Detailed Video Review

Haier 258L Upright Freezer Model:HVF260WH2 review

this is a higher upright freezer with a 258 litre capacity similar freezer designs are also available in smaller and larger sizes depending on your home’s needs just remember to always check the measurements leaving extra space available for ventilation the HVF 260 can be handy for anyone wanting some extra space to store frozen food in bulk as it offers a number of Handy features for keeping your frozen foods well organized now just here in the middle of the freezer door you’ll find the electronic control panel here you can set the overall temperature for your freezer depending on if you only want a gentle chill or need an intense deep freeze their freezers eco mode helps to optimize its energy use reducing your home’s environmental footprint and hopefully lowering your energy bill as well now just keep in mind that this mode won’t work properly if you set a temperature of minus 19 degrees or less as maintaining this level of coldness takes a fair bit of power there’s also a fast free setting now that’s perfect for quickly locking in the goodness of fresh food for long-term storage as soon as you get it home from the shops now if you leave the door open for too long or if for any reason this freezer heats up to above 0 degrees Celsius the alarm will light up and a buzzer will sound to alert you to the problem and if you want to keep curious kids from playing with the freezer settings you can always activate the child safety lock the freezer comes hinged on the right with the handle on the left though it is possible to reverse these the freezers interior is divided into four transparent drawers and two transparent open lid shelves keeping your frozen foods well organized and easy to access speaking of organization there is a couple of other Handy extras on the inside of the door this illustrated diagram provides a guideline for how many months you should keep different foods frozen and just above this is a handy little look just here the right size conveniently storing a frozen pizza and that’s high as upright freezer thanks so much for watching

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  1. I like the pizza space, I would put gluten free pizza bases and pastry in as they can be a real pain to get out of boxes if they are at the bottom or even worse trying to get something out that are under them.

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