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Haier Wine Cooler Model WS151GDBI Detailed Video Review

Haier Wine Cooler Model WS151GDBI review

so recently we received this wine cooler from hiya and today we’re going to be doing a review going over someone’s features and some of the things that we like and dislike about this cooler now we have to admit when we first all of this we were a little bit unsure as to about higher as a brand it wasn’t one that we’ve heard much about but upon delivery and seeing it in the flesh we realized it’s actually a really good piece of kit it’s very robust very sturdy installation it was quite simple although it took two people it’s a little bit too heavy just for one person to install on their own but it’s very simple literally just plug and play look at it no no setting up to do just don’t now aesthetically we really really like this cooler we were actually surprised because we were only planning to have this say in the garage or tucked under the stairs as a backup chiller for all those bubbles wine bottles of beer that were normally just in that mean temperature room well we saw I realize this would fit in really well in our kitchen or in our dining room now one thing to consider this is 600 mil wide that is the same width as you standard kitchen unit so you have to take out what any standard cupboards that you’re having install this in that place or if you were designing a new kitchen you can design it round it and perhaps better than that and like I said it would also look okay in a dining room we don’t think it’s too in-your-face basically it does have this lovely stainless steel here but it’s only on the door if it was all the way around and a probably too much with a matte black round the outside so I’ve counted down a little and what we really like as well is the wooden shelves inside to give it that sort of rustic vintage balance to the contemporary stainless steel now I’m moving on from the aesthetics the basic features are that is it’s two sections has a one section designed for your white wine and a section design your red wine these sections can be swapped around you don’t have to have the white at the top and the red at the bottom you can have them either way or you can have both cooled at the same temperature now those temperatures are from 5 to 20 degrees C and you can adjust them to what now personally I would like to see their bottom range down to maybe three degrees and a higher angel 2:25 but it’s a small gripe it’s not a major problem for us were too bothered by now some people might be also inside there’s absolutely tons of room this chiller stores 151 puffles of wine now our concern when we all of this was that 151 bottles was well we only have two dozen at the moment we are planning on getting more we are but we thought it’s gonna look a little bit scarce at first and that is nothing to worry about we only have two dozen bottles of wine here roughly and you can see it looks okay it still looks full but it doesn’t look empty and with having much bottles of wine you can see them all very well on every shelf in fact just to point out there are more shelves in this we’ve taken some out because it was too many for us at the moment and it means we can see everyone really well now if you were to want to fit say a hundred 151 bottles of wine in you’re going to have to start stack them up like this and then that will mean when they die shut you won’t be able to see the bottom bottles of wine you will have to open it up and start a route around so it’s not actually a bad thing you have less amount of wine in there well by all means it can fit more in what we like about the wind shells they are fully adjustable so you can even around nicely if you have some bigger buckles you can you can make room for them and what we really like is this top shelf which can actually tilt you have it in angled so say if you have some particularly nice bottles of champagne and a bottle of wine that you’d like to show off or have a more on display you can have them like that now we wish that every show of had this feature we don’t quite understand why they haven’t got that feature in every show because it would be really good if every shelf could display the bottles at that angle but again it’s a small bright it’s no big deal as it happens we don’t have any really particularly fancy bottles one that we want to display at the moment so it works out quite well these sections here should also point out are also shelves these black ones here and at the bottom work what we’re going to use those restoring beer awesome that moving on from the features inside the fridge without the display and it’s really easy to use it’s really intuitive there’s no real reason to look at the manuals pretty self-explanatory this is the lock button if you hold it for three seconds which it says there it will glow up and now you’re in certificates at settings now you press this button here and it will glow up the top or bottom section so then you can adjust as you like with the arrows here you can raise the temperature up right up to 20 degrees if you want or right down to five degrees now it also has a humidity display but note that this is not a setting you can adjust it merely displays what humidity is inside the chiller second of all it has a light that you can turn on or off now if you wanted it to be a little more understated you could turn the light off and we just back up a little bit you can see it’s put on the up-and-up until you open the door and then it will illuminate so that’s a pretty cool feature if you just wanted to tone it down a little bit we can also have the air cycle function this is something that we’ve kept on it having the the fan running inside all the times what the air cycle function does it means that it keeps a more even temperature inside the cooler and it also cools your bottles of wine quicker so say if you were put an ambient temperature bottled wine in that it would cool it down to the side temperature quicker with the a cycle function so there were just a few more functions that I’d like to talk about before I summarize things basically it has an auto defrost function which means that you’re not gonna have to defrost this manually and you’re never gonna find any frost build up at the back periodically it will just turn itself off for say 15 minutes half an hour melting ice in there and things will get going again as normal another feature is the air exchange now this is more for a wine box out there basically there’s a small carbon filter which means that we’re drawing air from outside and keep your air fresh which will mean that the air quality that Oxford at all times and will keep your wine insuring another feature is that when you open the door the fan automatically cuts up inside this just stopped warm and being pulled into it so it keeps it cool when you open the door and finally a neat little feature that’ll be handy for some people say if you have teenagers or something like that in the house it’s this little key that comes to the fridge with a lock at the very bottom so you can just lock that very simply what it to them and then no one who isn’t meant to go in there can get in there now a feature that will probably not use but could be really useful for some so in summary we really really like this for it so much so that we’ve decided to have it on display instead of commenting about aesthetically it’s fantastic it’s robust the only couple of racks that we had was the temperature range which is just a couple of degrees off mainly what we would have wanted and we would have also like the shelves to have that function where the old tilt rather than just the top one being at that angle well other than that they’re the only couple drapes generally all in all were really really pleased with this and it gets top marks and was we definitely recommend this chart

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