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Haier Freestanding Wine Cooler Model:WS92GDBI Deteiled Video Review

Haier Freestanding Wine Cooler Model:WS92GDBI review

hey folks so this is a review of new wine cooler we’ve got I can’t for the life of me remember the fall manufacturer name which is just a bunch of letters and numbers and we’ll put it in the review title though but it is a currently quite one person that’s buggy enough to win once I was very lucky so we’ve used it for about four or five days when L bought quite a bit of wine and pop inside so whites and reds come on circular power she ever saw those in the same wine color but you could have general this thing was heavy and obviously if you’re looking at me I’m five-eleven and it’s up to kind of the top of my chest so it’s not a small wine color this is probably one more for either people who like to drink a lot of wine we don’t necessarily but we do drink a little bit a restaurant or I can cog slash bar because this is a very high capacity quite cool how can I eat some basics that’s when you’re installing it obviously you see this isn’t the kitchen our kitchen is last whole kitchen but based on the stylings of my hobby for this it probably sits better inside the dining room we’ve got a ten centimeters away from the sides and about ten seven years away from the back because it needs a good ventilation to be able to circulate in fresh air and obviously regulate the cooling system so obviously bear that in mind when you are doing it at the very back you’ve got roller wheels so you can roll it back and forth just obviously be careful not to kind of pull it sideways because there are two sets of rubber feet on both sides of the front so you can actually adjust height so when you get this you probably want a little spirit level to make sure that the top of the unit is as flat as possible so something they need too far forward or too far sideways or backwards isn’t gonna regulate the temperature properly and be as efficient as they possibly could it’s been good efficiency this is a bee regulation C unit so it’s not the best possible efficiency you can really expect that with something with a glass front but it isn’t terrible efficiency either the actual stats are in product page I’m operating those off but in fact it’s not really too expensive but it’s not as cheap as a really high efficiency fridge because of the class program a couple of other basics about the unit so I didn’t know this until I read up about it but wine doesn’t react well to direct sunlight so if you currently got a mini wine rack like a metal holder and you’ve got it by windowsill which we did that’s not if your wine because UV light doesn’t doesn’t bode well for it so the front of this class is actually easy you my filtered so if you do other winners over there if you do have direct sunlight exposure to the line this is going to completely block that up so for the wine aficionados are there this is a good thing really good aesthetic door and there’s a percussion seal so there’s a nice thick rubber around here it locks quite well and there’s no going well you actually do get the unit and just confuse me a little bit you get a little rubber on one side it doesn’t say please take this pad away before using it but it confuse me for a good few zan attempts because the door wasn’t sealing properly but yeah alright get rid of this but actually master on that you have two sets of keys which confused me the first the kids obviously with it being such a lot of scale caller and it’s probably kind of main intention is to have it in restaurants and pubs you can actually lock the door so one reason this might be good is if you’re in large from you or family with kids young kids you probably want to look at anyway just in case they try and pull one of the bottles out and it smashes so effectively it’s a little five-way allen key probably in my simple markup of c22 no keys or one no key just in case you lose one so I’ll go into the University of Ulster site and explain displayed like I said for a couple of days and what you’ll notice is there’s a little bar and a little cushion right across the center because this unit allows you to have two different cooling zones so what appear separated by the middle section and one at the bottom the one at the bottom is slightly larger type of wine you drink more regularly you probably want to stack that at the bottom a couple of Reds nothing so seven balls of everyone’s six bottles of white puppies are in a shop and I think one bottle champagne as well the reason why there’s two bays is because you can regulate the temperature differently so I was looking online a little while back the the general consensus and there’s lots and lots of information about it is that white wine probably best kept around about between six to eight degrees the parent type of wireless and red wine is opportu to 16 and depending on the type of red wine it is so the minute we’ve got this obviously a slightly higher temperature to keep it kind of coolish to keep it cooler but not to keep it too cold right the problem we’ve got the white wine quite a bit colder because obviously don’t want to go outside just close this just to stop the beeping but effectively all I’m saying – it amazes a door isn’t closed properly so just in case you’ve left it open or something’s jammed or balls not all the way audio mornings are saying the dogs alone from in you’re wasting energy well I’m gonna back up again just to show one more feature I mean these are adjustable shelves so you can take them up and down a notch but say for example you’ve got friends around or you haven’t gave some wine with dinner but you don’t finish it you can push it back up all this place effectively yeah I’m gonna wine I’m gonna pop up to five open bottles of wine up to the front don’t want you know five maybe one time but the restaurant you may wanna have five up the bottom and people abide by the glass so you can put these here and right yet tilt so it’s not going to pour out the back it’s a really handy feature if you are nice 31 Michelle’s really good construction no squeaking and no bending is really nice smooth finish second so tech packs so on the inside you’ve got a couple of bits of gadgetry which you can control all from the front panel you hold that for a couple of seconds and you’ll hear a beep on the actual panel will light up slowly just basic tell you that is now all I need to change the mood options so you will see all the front two squares which effectively allows you to switch which zone you are controlling so the minute the bottom zone is registering as ten degrees Celsius with sixty three percent humidity so you can’t control community but you can see how much air is in there basically the doors been opened if the room that it’s in is really hot and humid and you close at the humidity obviously going to go up a little bit before it drops back down and you can see the top one like I said before 16 degrees so the red wine is slightly warmer as the way if for example and you want to take a quick look at what’s inside or what you’ve got available without opening the fridge let me see let me know cold air out you can pop the lid on you see it takes about a second and an LED light on both shelves comes on you can see if you placed your bottles further away up you can actually see which more in you’re actually selected without having to open fridge and you can also if you want to help reduce or control the humidity and also control the temperature after you’ve closed it you can press the air circulation so what that will do is it effectively start to more actively circulate the air around each compartment so that it reduces and maintains the temperature more efficiently and then obviously we’ve got a power button which I’m setting over to the other minute where you can turn the whole unit off completely and though right now we’re going to plug it around the wall obviously there’s no plug sockets right next to it cord you get is about two and a half meters long so you don’t necessarily need an extension socket to be able to use it and if I was wanting to say there’s ample change the temperature on the bottom section choose the section I want and then change the temperature variants of 5 degrees as the lowest temperature can go and 20 degrees as the highest temperature can go and because it’s a wine cooler it doesn’t need to get any cooler because of the oak in a range that you’re supposed to keep the wine act and it doesn’t need to get any warmer because of the you’re supposed to keep red wine up so the arrangements are allowed to kind of work with inventories is actually fine for most bottles of wine and we have stuck a bottle champagne in there assuming that it’s probably the same tolerances as white wine but I should be fine so we’ve like to use it from up in four or five days it’s been done constantly it’s not too loud there is now again it’ll kind of ramp up to control the maintain the temperature which can be a little bit noisy at times when the compressors going off the they’re a little bit kind of if you’ve got a hardwood floor the feet are a little bit too rubbery bottom if you’re doing as one person so I always recommend you somebody else moving with you because what like say the two feet that wrong either side I think really really well too hard before I could go so far me to try and move it it’s not very easy to move because it’s probably three-quarters of my body weight and I’m so have somebody help you put it in place but that’s not necessarily a negative thing just be aware there’s big people I thought the the one thing that I can say in terms of the controls and that’s probably the only comment on plate is it’s a little bit confusing when I’m changing the temperature so if I’m lowering or raising it it will flash for a few seconds to what I’ve chosen but I don’t flashback to what temperature it currently is if you’re not really paying attention you know how many times to whether it’s going to go to that temperature or whether there’s a way to confirm that so I had to go back to the manual and make sure that it’s just the case of setting it and leaving it and it will gradually go down when we originally turned it on it was about 23 degrees inside so we pop the wedding cause the door and it took around about 20 to 25 minutes to bring the temperature in the top section from 23 to 16 which is really really reasonable and a little bit longer than bottom section cannot see is better than 23 to 10 but it really didn’t very long at all to detectives and now on the inside there’s a 930 balls so it’s assuming that you’re gonna stack some of those balls because if you if you’ve got for example up to top you can see some of the shelves are really wide showers I think it’s assuming here swapping the different types of balls I mean in reality does what it says on the tin and it’s pretty well I really can’t fault the only thing that can say we need to be clear is the control process of raising or lowering the temperature maybe needs to be a bit more of a sort of confirmation yes that’s the temperature set that it was to see the type of all you have Johnny Boz a rather thin box of white but maybe if it had been the destruction of the gun this is white on top aside from that it really really does what it says it’s obviously perfect quiet in unit isn’t necessarily favorably but cools it quickly keeps it a good temperature isn’t too much really main thing that says if you are going to go by the treatments have something else to help you install it because it’s very very heavy sequel be back in if you try it by yourself but it comes fully assembled you don’t need to do anything that does pretty much really ready to rock when you unpack it I’ll also leave a written review underneath this video I’m just most of my other races thanks for watching see you next time

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