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hi I’m Colin from plants online today we’re looking at Bosch single oven this is their multifunction oven this one here is German engineered assembly in this Spain factory let’s have a quick look at the control panel here we’re on the far side here with our multifunction selector we have four functions on here from fan forced fan grilling traditional grill we have a vent also a little defrost setting and then just a light on as well on the far side here with our temperature setting right round straight up to the grills function here about three different functions on here you might notice there’s a one two three that’s for a low medium high seeing on your grill function in the center here you have your LED display to read display and you can program it to come on cook and switch off we have a little lock on here we hold that down for three seconds its top to anyone from interfering and changing the time over here we have our clock function you can scroll through change your clock your time of day you minute – I’ve got a lot of different functions on there for you let’s have a quick look inside the oven here it’s a nice firm handle at the front it’s metal and appearance it’s sort of a square shape pull the door down towards you it’s a one-piece glass nice and easy to clean there are three layers of glass on here so it keeps the heat within the oven itself there are nice strong hinges on the side here inside it’s a gray finish nice rounded edges there are five different variable positions here for your different racking so you can move your rack up and down it’s a multi-function oven so here we have the fan on works a little bit different with this particular oven here it actually draws the air from the front to give you even cooking from top to bottom and like most other fan Falls which pushed heat from the back so it means that with those older ovens you get more cooking at the back so they’ve got to rotate your food around a little bit in here we’ve got to our wire racks and two deep trays come supplied with it so because of the great little features here with our bosch oven two-year warranty on all parts and labor even itself is hard white so you need your Lea Christian to do all your wiring and connections for you I hope this video will assist you when shopping with us here at appliances online and don’t forget to click on the subscribe button to watch more product reviews just like this one hi i’m colin for appliances online today we look at the 7 kilo heat pump dryer by Bosch this is coming out of their new factory in Poland heat pump dries use 50% less energy than a normal conventional dryer let’s have a quick look at the control panel starting at the top we have our drainage section when with heat pump dryers condense

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