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Hisense 512L French Door Fridge Model:HR6CDFF512GB Detailed Video Review

Hisense 512L French Door Fridge Model:HR6CDFF512GB review

welcome a new level of sophistication into your home with this beautiful French door fridge from Hisense available in black white and also stainless steel this fridge will make a luxurious addition to any new or remodeled kitchen the LED display controls are super sleek and they’re easily accessible thanks to its external location the touch controls that you set the temperature for the fridge freezer and my fresh choice drawer which we’ll talk about later you can also navigate through the different modes using the mode unlock control there are six modes available which include artificial intelligence super freeze energy-saving holiday super cool and lock not only is this fridge beautiful on the outside but thanks to the interior LED lighting and stylish glass shelving it’s also stunning on the inside one of the great benefits of having a French door fridge is the ability to store long items such as platters making them the entertainers best friend such as in my household on Christmas Eve we have a full salmon and you could put that full salmon in the fridge on one of the shelves without having to move around other products in your fridge unlike side-by-side fridge designs which only offer half the width space this refrigerator gives you more room plus easier access to all your foods no matter how long or large they may be the fridge section features enough shelves crisper bins and door storage to cater for a family of five while offering extreme flexibility for all different types of produce both the fridge and the freezer sections feature multi airflow and twin cooling systems which provide consistent cool air distribution throughout each compartment and it calls the refrigerator and freezer separately to maintain accurate control all this allows for better food storage and longer-lasting freshness when it comes to freezer storage keeping all your frozen foods organized can be a bit of a struggle but with the six different freezer compartments this is no longer an issue there’s a twist icemaker at the top and at the very bottom on the right hand side is that drawer known as the my fresh choice drawer by using the control panel that I showed you earlier you can set this compartments temperature between minus 15 and minus 25 degrees choose this Hisense refrigerator and well sophistication into your home today thanks for watching

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