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Hisense 350L Top Mount Fridge Model:HR6TFF350 Detailed Video Review

Hisense 350L Top Mount Fridge Model:HR6TFF350 review

I finished in a classic white and filled with quality features this top-mount refrigerator from Hisense will help you easily store your foods and beverages while ensuring they’re kept in the optimum environment for longer-lasting freshness if you don’t think white will work well in your kitchen this refrigerator is also available in stainless steel inside the fridge the multi airflow helps to effectively keep the interior evenly cool for better food storage and to ensure that you can see all of your fresh produce the interior is well lit with LED lighting allowing you to easily find and access snacks drinks and special treats by arranging the glass shelves at Heights of your choice you can efficiently organize your food and drink to optimize the fridges storage capacity the shelves are also spill proof making it easier to clean up any accidental spills which rips there’s also full width humidity-controlled crisper drawer in the bottom for storing fresh fruits or vegetables for longer as well as door storage shelves for items such as bottles and jars there’s even the dairy compartment located at the top of the refrigerator section for your cheese’s and butter the freezer section boasts 321 litres of storage capacity and it’s separated by another shelf as well as two more door shelves for additional storage there’s also a twist ice tray for serving ice-cold beverages during those hot summer months designed for everyday living the Hisense top mount refrigerator will suit small yet growing families you can also say goodbye to manually defrosting annoying icy buildup thanks to the frost free technology which removes it all for you as well as saving your time and hassle the lack of frost helps to keep the frigid power consumption steady it limits the spread of food odors and stops most frozen foods from sticking together don’t forget to type your postcode into the delivery and installation info box to see if you’re eligible for free delivery and free installation and removal of your old appliance thanks for watching

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