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Take your cooking to the next level with this
built in electric single oven from Hisense, which has clever features to help you achieve
excellent results. With a medium-sized sixty-three litre capacity, there’s plenty of flexibility
if you like to host dinner parties. It’s also a multifunctional oven with great functions,
including a defrost and grill setting. And it can either be built into your kitchen at
eye level or under a worktop. So there’s no need to measure, as it will fit in a standard
oven housing unit. Hisense’s fantastic Even Bake oven is specially designed for brilliant
cooking results. The cavities rounded shape takes its inspiration from traditional wood-fire
stoves. Because of its curved walls the hot air circulates around the oven evenly, giving
your food the ideal cooking environment. So, you’ll have perfectly cooked food that is
deliciously soft in the middle and crispy on the outside. The Pyrolytic setting is an
amazing self-cleaning function that does the hard work for you. Once selected, it burns
away grease and food splatters by raising the temperature to around five hundred degrees.
The door locks for your safety and once the programme is complete, any ash that’s left
behind can be easily wiped away. If you’re looking for an electric single oven with clever
features that will cook every meal to perfection, this built in model from Hisense is an excellent

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