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With its advanced cooking technology, this
built in electric single oven from Hoover gives you the recipe for a perfect performance
in the kitchen. With a large seventy litre capacity, there’s
plenty of flexibility if you’re cooking for a large household or like to host dinner
parties. It’s also a multifunctional oven with great
functions, including a slow cook and defrost setting.
And it can either be built into your kitchen at eye level or under a worktop. So there’s
no need to measure, as it will fit in a standard oven housing unit. Hoover’s incredible Chef Panel system creates
an even temperature from the top to the bottom of the oven. A fan at the back of the cavity
circulates hot air so it spreads evenly around every shelf.And because the heat is always
moving, flavours from different foods won’t mix. Now you’ll be able to prepare different
meals together and save time on cooking those amazing feasts. This model has a special coating on the inside
to make cleaning effortless. The oven cavity is covered in grease-proof enamel, which stops
food from sticking, so it can simply be wiped away with a cloth. This means your oven is
really easy to maintain, and you’ll save time on cleaning. If you’re looking for an electric single
oven with advanced cooking technology to give you a perfect performance in the kitchen,
this built in model from Hoover is the one for you.

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