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Achieve amazing cooking results thanks to
this built in electric single oven and induction hob pack from Hotpoint, which has incredible
features and a stylish design. It’s packed with incredible features to help you achieve
amazing results. The oven has an A plus rating for energy efficiency and a large seventy
litre capacity, so there’s plenty of space if you like to host dinner parties. There
are four zones on the induction hob ranging from two different sizes. This means there’s
loads of room for flexibility when cooking. Thanks to the touch controls, the hob is especially
easy to use. With a simple touch of a button, you can select the zones you want, and adjust
the power levels with ease and precision. So taking care of your hob’s settings is
effortless. Hotpoint’s Multiflow technology creates an even temperature from the top to
the bottom of this single oven. A fan at the back of the cavity circulates hot air, which
is released through several vents to spread heat quickly throughout the oven. This means
food is cooked evenly on every shelf. And because the hot air is constantly moving,
flavours won’t transfer, so you can make a variety of dishes at the same time. If you
want an electric single oven and induction hob pack with incredible features to help
you cook your favourite dishes, these models from Hotpoint are an excellent choice.

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