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Hotpoint Upright Freezer Model:UPAH1832K Detailed Video Review

Hotpoint Upright Freezer Model:UPAH1832K review

thank you to a Oh calm for giving me the opportunity to review this Hotpoint orb right freezer you PAH 1 8 3 2 K it has an a-plus-plus rating and it’s frustrating when the freezer was delivered the door open to the left but I’ve changed it so it opens to the right just for ease of access really this freezer has seven drawers the top two compartments have a pull up cover and the rest of all pull outs two of the drawers are deep to fit the bulkier items in that you may buy it as a shelf in the door to store ice cube trays and other small items the freezer came with one small ice cube tray with it and the door tray can be removed if required as the pullout doors has come and pull out doors opposite to get a little bit more room although this freezer already has a two hundred sixty litre capacity so I think it’s more than adequate for a family the digital display up here is clear enough to read this button here is super free so if you hold that for three seconds wait for the sound and that will go on to turn it off just press it again and it’ll go off – your on and off button and these two here are to control the temperature this freeze you won’t lose your food there we go so the only thing left for me to do now is park and close in the door is go to the shops and fill this up I just like to say thank you again to AO calm for giving me the chance to review this freezer and happy freezing thank you

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