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Ilve Benchtop Dishwasher Model:IVDFS645 Detailed Video Review

Ilve Benchtop Dishwasher Model:IVDFS645 review

hi I’m Yannick from appliances online and today we’re looking at this compact bench top dishwasher from LV the IVDFS645 ideal for smaller kitchens this bench top dishwasher provides your dishes with thorough cleaning while minimizing its use of space offering the features and options of a full-size dishwasher this portable design is perfectly suited to single and couple households if you’re renting or don’t have under bench space available for a standard dishwasher this convenient LV bench top dishwasher may be just what you need as we look at the front exterior you’ll notice the sleek stainless steel finish that’ll blend nicely with any other stainless steel appliances you may have in your kitchen the controls are located here at the top and allow you to navigate through the dishwashers six different wash programs with ease a great standout feature is the smart that laid Start which helps you to organize your washing schedule to fit in with your lifestyle simply set the delay start feature and your dishwasher will do the work at a more suitable time for you this is also handy for those who wish to take advantage of washing during the off-peak hours the display box here on the left-hand side allows you to clearly see the time remaining as well as the delayed start time the recessed handles also add a sleekness to the dishwasher while the door itself opens and closes with ease let’s take a look inside the interior is stainless steel and has rounded edges for effortless cleaning when needed the wash basket features a removable cutlery basket adjustable prongs and racking ideal for holding wine glasses securely into place the size of the interior lets you wash dishes of a maximum diameter of 23 and a half centimeters to give you an idea of the size of dishes it takes these plates here are only side plates so you will struggle to fit your standard sized dinner place in this dishwasher exposed elements increase the chance of food remains and other substances becoming stuck on making it a lot harder to clean but thanks to the concealed heating elements in this dishwasher the chance of baked-on leftovers is minimal another standout feature of this LV dishwasher is the residual drying system which is a more hygienic way to dry dishes as it avoids the use of air from outside the dishwasher the power requirement is 10 amp and it will need to be connected to cold water only and there you have it a compact dishwasher from LV that carries a 24 month warranty

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