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Bosch Dishwasher with EcoSilence Drive Model:SMS63M18AU Detailed Video Review

Bosch Dishwasher with EcoSilence Drive Model:SMS63M18AU review

hi I’m Colin for appliances online today we’re going to Bosch freestanding model the SMS 6388 you this is their mark free stainless steel model this one also has a silent motor in it which means that it has an echo drive motor it’s an inverter mode which it will save you on energy now starting with the back of machine it’s a single hose connection with Equus top that means that we have any problems with the Inlet water you’ll actually turn the water off of the mains and stop any flooding electrical power cord it’s 10 amp it comes with plug and lead so simply plug it straight into your power point now a lot of people do ask the question will I connect to hot or cold water that’s a great question all dishwashers that we see on our website should be connected to cold water cold water coming in enters the pre wash cycle it rinses everything and everything falls down into your filter system at the end of the pre wash well then dump that water and take fresh water in it would then heat it up to the correct wash temperature that you’ve selected on the front of your dishwasher this will give you the best wash result let’s have a quick look at the control panel from here from it left to right on the far left hand side we’ve got our power on we’ll just turn that on now straight away you’ve got a great easy to read LED display it’s a bright red easy on the eyes here we’ve got six different wash programs from pots and pans to intensive wash you’ve got an auto wash that’s great really depress that it’ll work out what temperature to wash what you’re washing inside the machine that’s great when you’re washing your glasses it’ll work out how due to the water is and wash out that bright temperature to make sure they can add sparkling clean the Eco cycle and a quick wash now the quick wash is a little bit different to other brands most companies that use a quick wash you’ve got a towel dry at the end with Bosch quick wash it’ll raise the temperature up to fifty degrees that means it’ll go right through a drying cycle you take things out and put them virtually straight away here we have a pre wash so saves you rinsing in the sink you can put the things in here select a pre wash small amount of water goes in and it does it like a pre wash and that allows you to stack throughout the day here on the far right hand side we’ve got a timer you can delay the star for up to 24 hours in one-hour increments if you’re a young family with children and you’d hit the hygiene button that’s great you’ve got baby bottles it’ll actually sterilize the bottle make sure they absolutely clean for you on the far left-hand side we’ve got the Vario plus we can see that actually has changed the time here in the middle what you’re doing is actually reducing the time but to achieve to the same washer job we actually sacrifice energy so uses more energy to achieve the same wash result half load option now you can wash in the top the bottom or in both baskets it’ll work out how long and how much water it needs to watch what you’re doing inside intensive saying that’s a great function if you do pots and pans without heavy sort of a party put those plates on the bottom it’ll increase the pressure on the bottom spray check it’ll say be having the pre-wash save your time save your energy everything will come out beautifully in clean let’s have a quick look inside the machine now that’s a grip so pull down sturdy towards you now first thing you’re going to see is your detergent dispenser and you’ve got your rinse aid now with Bosch you can use tablets or you can use powder it’s up to you simply press the button opens the Rizal reservoir here put your detergent or tablet in here and simply lock it up rinse aid is always necessary with any dishwasher rinse aid is added to the final rinse cycle about five cc is added to the rinse water it sprays up over everything you make sure that everything comes out sparkling clean dry no watermarks on anything whatsoever let’s have a quick look in the upper basket we’ll pull that out towards you the rack on the right hand side here if you use steak knives or anything sharp put that up here points towards the back of the machine and it gives a nice big clean here you can remove that to give you more room in the basket here if you don’t have high stem glasses in the little rack here which is slightly colored in different color we can lay those tongs down to give you more room for that odd shaped dish they can utilize that top basket more double stacking so if you’re one that’s got small cups or glasses you can put glasses here and on top it allows you to double stack if you put them up like that put large capital mugs in and if you’ve got wine glasses you can lay them down here they keep some nice and firm the basket itself is adjustable it’s three-position height levels so to lower it down press the comma Z and it lowers it down so you got three different levels here and it gives you more height here or less height do hang on what you’re stacking in the top basket moving the basket out here in normal dishwashers your basket is set in one position and that makes it a little bit awkward if you want to arrange your plates here a little bit more to suit you so here we’ve got we can actually move this from side to side or even place it in the back or you can totally move the basketball together now at the back here you can see the tongs here are different color we can lay those tongs down they face forward that gives you more room here for odd shaped dishes better be a pop pan or wok large place here to the front it’s stainless steel right through the whole machine now you may see a little bit of water in there that’s standard with all bosch dishwashers boss actually pre test them in Germany make sure the quality is absolutely 100% up to Bosch standards the spray arm here you can actually remove these make sure there’s no grime in here and you can clean them out whenever you need to that simply clicks back into position the filter at the front is stainless steel we can take that out totally altogether new partners on the pre-wash we record in here any large Pagels get caught in here and just totally remove it keep your foot of nice and clean all the time this is a micro mesh filter so anything getting past that will get pumped out throughout the wash cycle and push this washes out afford a place city they have a two-year warranty on all parts and labor hope you find this video helpful when shopping with us here at appliances online you hi I’m column for appliances on line today we’re living in the new dishwasher and Samsung the DW FG 725 it’s at in ox

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3 Replies to “Bosch Dishwasher with EcoSilence Drive Model:SMS63M18AU Detailed Video Review

  1. I don’t about this product or other countries but bosch in the uk (kettering) have non-existent customer services, they will never call you back and will try to give you illegal advice. If you’re buying any large electeical appliances its best to stay away from them. As far-fetched as it sounds bosch act like a bunch of blackmarket dealers. This may be copy and pasted from another of my bosch video comment, but it’s the truth.

  2. What you don’t mention is that you have to UNINSTALL that piece of crap to do any kind of repair.  4 repairs in the first 6 months.  NEVER AGAIN.

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