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KitchenAid 36 inch Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator Model:KRFC300ESS Detailed Video Review

KitchenAid 36 inch Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator Model:KRFC300ESS review

hi I’m Jennifer for women’s choice reviews and I’m reviewing this KitchenAid 36 inch counter depth french door refrigerator this refrigerator is approximately 36 inches wide by 31 inches deep by 70 inches tall always check the precise dimensions of the refrigerator against the space where you will be placing it to be sure if it fits and always leave adequate space behind and above for air to circulate also check the size of the doorways the unit will have to pass through to get it into your kitchen with the total capacity of 20 cubic feet 15 it is smaller than average for the fridge for units we’ve evaluated which is due to its depth counter depth units typically give up about 20 percent of the space of a standard French door unit it costs about average of French door refrigerators on a cost per cubic foot basis with it’s an authority of 2,000 $299 this kitchen eighteen to one hundred and fifteen dollars per cubic foot whereas the average is about a hundred and twenty dollars it is important to know however that some refrigerators are more heavily discounted than others which can complicate this comparison owners of this refrigerator life that has no external water and ice dispenser preferring a neater appearance instead it has an icemaker in the freezer and the filtered water dispenser on the inside of the fresh food section unfortunately you must open both doors to get to that dispenser and it requires two hands to operate unlike some other models that have a 100 dispenser even though 80% of owners give this model four or five star reviews others complain about poor quality control on the field for both fresh and frozen compartments as well as poorly aligned French doors there is an annoyingly large gap at the rear of the fresh food space that allows some sizeable objects to fall to a lower shelf this unit has interior door bins four gallon sized containers a two drawer freezer adjustable shelving and bright LED lighting it also has a bullwhip temperature-controlled le drawer but you must open both doors to access its contents a complaint that is common to all French door units we’ve evaluated a produce preserver feature absorbs the ethylene gas emitted by some fruits and vegetables that cause premature ripening it is available in stainless steel black and white black stainless steel is available for an additional cost

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2 Replies to “KitchenAid 36 inch Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator Model:KRFC300ESS Detailed Video Review

  1. We could not be happier.>>>       great fridge, and it looks fantastic in our kitchen. The guys who delivered it took out old one out, took the door off the new one so it would fit through the door, hooked up the water line, let me clean the floor before putting it back, all in less than 20 minutes. Couldn’t be happier.

  2. There is a serious design flaw with the automatic ice maker and freezer light. The mechanism that triggers ice to be dispensed is the same as the mechanism that turns off the freezer light. The inside wall of the freezer door is what closes this mechanism therefore triggering the ice maker to dispense ice and the light to turn off. Either the inside panel or the door itself is the problem. It sags after time (5 months) which means there is no longer contact with the trigger mechanism which means no ice and shortened life of lightbulb. Kitchenaides current “fix” is to tape a piece of plastic to the inside panel. Seriously, reply to my comment and I will try to get you a picture.

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