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KitchenAid 24 cubic ft French Door Fridge Model:KRFC704FBS Detaild Video Review

KitchenAid 24 cubic ft French Door Fridge Model:KRFC704FBS review

hi I’m Matthew with and today I’m going to walk you through one of the more unusual counter-depth fridges that we’ve tested in the past few years this is the 24 cubic foot KitchenAid krf C 704 FB s French door refrigerator it is available in a fingerprint-resistant black stainless finish you can also get it in regular stainless the 704 fps the black stainless model cost about three thousand eight hundred and seventy dollars and the stainless version is about ninety dollars less now that in and of itself is not unusual but if you open the door you’re going to see some interesting things first off what you might notice is some wood shelves now this isn’t actually a wood shelf this is moisture and stain resistant wood finish as you see here on this pull out drawer up here on this little shelf bit but paired with the platinum cavity lining and the LED lights it really gives it a pop of color that we’re not used to seeing in a fridge on top of that you get some really nice touches that are a little more conventional for instance this here is an herb cylinder you can stick your herbs in here and it’s designed to retain moisture at a higher rate than the rest of the fridge to keep your herbs fresher for longer the door shelves are actually housed in little metal trays now that might not seem very impressive but if you ever have anything on the door spill say milk or coffee or mayonnaise and you got to take it out to clean it this actually makes it a lot easier you also get a steel Teflon coated tray now this is both oven and dishwasher safe so say you want to do some grilled chicken you can put the chicken breast in here raw let it sit marinate in the fridge overnight then take the whole thing stick it right in the oven cook the chicken serve it and then take this tray and put it right in the dishwasher the drawers including the wood tray here are all soft closed which is another high-end feature that we always appreciate if you’ve ever had a cheap fridge or even like a good mid-range fridge the crispers tend to stick or slam but soft close lets you just push it shut and it slides back into place down here below the crispers you get a temperature-controlled drawer now the controls for the drawer aren’t in the fridge in fact none of the controls for the fridge are in the fridge and they’re not outside the fridge either kitchen aides new design puts the control panel on the edge of the fridge door so they’re easy to read easy to access but they don’t clutter up the front of the machine the temperature controlled drawer has four different settings you’ve got meat fish cold drinks deli cheese and wine KitchenAid is also trying to shake up how you store food in your fridge this shelf here has a wide retractable section it gives your food a stadium seating setup that’s designed to make it easier to both store tall items and still access the food behind it personally I don’t really see how this is much of a game-changer because there are currently fridges that have retractable shelves in them they’re just centered on the left or the right instead of in the middle of the shelf in the icemaker you get not quite nugget ice but nugget like ice it’s not as chewable as the stuff you get as Sonic but it’s still better for drinks and cocktails than the large bulky cubes that you find in most ice makers down in the freezer you’ve got at first glance what seems to be a fairly conventional pull out freezer it is cramped but that is not a problem with the KitchenAid it’s just a problem that’s inherent in all counter-depth fridges but this section here the three level storage section is something we have not seen before this fridge and it’s designed to offer you multiple layers of food storage to keep things easier to access so you’re not digging through heavy cold frozen blocks of meat and vegetables so with all these beautiful features and design choices it wouldn’t mean anything if it weren’t a good fridge and it is this fridge is one of the most temperature stable counter-depth products that I have tested moisture retention in the crispers was good and even though it doesn’t have an Energy Star badge we found it to be a very efficient fridge even with the icemaker running so you’re not getting something that just looks good you’re also getting something that’s going to cool and preserve your food at top levels to read the full review of this and all of the other fridges we’ve tested check out reviewed calm

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17 Replies to “KitchenAid 24 cubic ft French Door Fridge Model:KRFC704FBS Detaild Video Review

  1. This refrigerator is severely problematic. Ask me any question about it and I’ll respond because I’ve had every issue you can imagine. Calling in for service again. Sigh…..

  2. Can anyone PLEASE tell me if the bottom of the dispenser (tray) pulls out to ‘extend’? I don’t care if I can remove it – I want to extend it to be able to place a larger vessel there. The JennAir version can. I do not think the Whirlpool version does. NO ONE knows about this one.

  3. update: 2’s enough sending this back! for us, the noise is unbearable. Forgot to mention, all of veggie drawers were crooked on both the 1st and the swap. Lastly the french doors are not soft close be careful.

  4. is the 2019 model loud? Also, I read that the ‘metal’ tray holders are actually plastic from a Kitchenaid online rep. Is that correct?

  5. Update: krfc704fbs is still buzzing 48 hrs. after delivery. Juan at Arnold’s Appliance is having it switched out tomorrow, hoping we just got a lemon. Aside from annoying buzz I really like this model.

  6. They should’ve made it to match the rest of their kitchen line. SMEG would look better with other KitchenAid products than this fridge would. Beyond looks though, it does look to be quite nice.

  7. This refer was and is a POS. I had it switched out 2 times because of slanted poorly mounted veggie drawers loud motor. New fridge came. SAME issues. It gets better. Now with the exchanged fridge, in addition to the crooked vegetable drawers, the lower freezer drawer does not soft close AND there is a dent in the upper door panel. So I had to find a repair place make appointments wait many weeks for the parts (they ordered wrong parts). Soft close freezer door and dent are fixed after 2 months. Buuut the dang veggie drawers are STILL CROOKED! what also blows is that at this point of frustration,(this was a year ago) the last thing I wanted to do was give these individuals more money for extended warranty on this grossly overpriced POS (I know I know coulda shoulda) So here Iam 1 year later the ice machine is broken and just sometimes the water comes out without having to poke at the spout, lol .Controlled obsolescence? Idk. I guess I’ll suk it up and buy a new part for ice maker, my bad.

  8. We are in the middle of a kitchen remodel and the wife wanted/ needed this Kitchen Aid refrigerator and all matching appliances except for the range hood (Z Line) and as a great husband…I said alright๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ but I really wanted a Sub Zero fridge with the window but the price was crazy expensive.

  9. What an oddball fridge (in a good way). ‘Thought’ was put into it and I really appreciate that effort. Just got mine yesterday and I adore it!

  10. I just got mine delivered today. It’s kind of noisy. An annoying buzzing, like a florescent light or distant leaf blower. I called my sales guy and he’s confident that it will quiet down in 24 hrs after it reaches operating temp.

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