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Lemair 547L Side by Side Refrigerator Model:L550SXS Detailed Video Review

Lemair 547L Side by Side Refrigerator Model:L550SXS review

this side-by-side fridge provides the affordable simplicity you’d expect from lemare in a size to suit a family home like all side by side fridges make sure to double check that you have enough room available in your kitchen before you purchase the L 550 sxs taking into account the extra space that you’ll need to leave free for ventilation and don’t forget to make sure the fridge will fit through your doors and hallways as well to ensure a smooth delivery the fridge exterior is finished in stainless steel with a smart bar handle on the fridge and the freezer on the freezer door there’s an electronic control panel for selecting the best cooling settings for whatever you’re storing these include a smart mode that lets the fridge workout its own ideal temperature an eco mode for using less energy add a super cooling and super freezing mode to quickly lock in the freshness of food that’s come straight home from the shops the fridge section features five tempered glass shelves three door bins plus a dairy compartment and a crisper bin for fruit and veg the freezer section has a very similar layout with its own shelves door bins and drool because both the fridge and the freezer run the full height of the fridge you’ll be able to organize your fresh and frozen foods so that your most used items are kept handy at eye level saving you from having to crouch or bend over certain shelves and door bins can be adjusted to different heights allowing you to use the available space more efficiently

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  1. awesome>>> it runs beautifully, has a lot of storage and is well configured as to interior layout. It has excellent lighting. Really like the lock on the in door ice/water feature

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