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LG 14 Place Settings Dishwasher Model:LD1482T4 Detailed Video Review

LG 14 Place Settings Freestanding Dishwasher Model:LD1482T4 review

hi I’m Yannick from appliances online and this is the LG stainless steel freestanding dishwasher the LD1482T4 for this design is also available in silver and a white finish this dishwasher is managed by its electronic control panel just above the door the simple button controls allow you to select one of five available wash settings including a gentle wash for delicate items a time-saving quick wash an efficient eco wash and a dual intensity wash for tackling heavy soiling whatever wash mode you choose the dishwasher will display its settings on the LED panel and on the left hand side these indicator lights will tell you at a glance where the cycle is up to looking inside the dishwasher it offers enough capacity to wash up to 14 place settings in addition to the standard upper and lower baskets there’s also a third slim rack at the top where you can wash cutlery utensils and other small items such as espresso cups the rack here is also height adjustable that’s the better fit items of different sizes this dishwashers reliable performance is maintained by its efficient direct drive inverter motor which precisely drives the dishwashers spray intensity according to your chosen settings the inverter also uses fewer moving parts than other dishwasher motors ensuring the appliance is long lasting performance this dishwasher also features LG smart diagnosis system if you ever experience any problems with your dishwasher the appliance can tell you exactly what the problem is via a smart phone app which can help you work out whether you’ll need to call a technician for help and that’s the LG dishwasher available with a two-year warranty on the appliance and a 10 year warranty on the direct drive motor thanks for watching and remember to subscribe to our channel on YouTube for more videos from appliances online hi I’m Mel from appliances online and this is snakes si 3 5 MX microwave in stainless steel now our customers are big fans of this great looking microwave the reliability and value for money with the 34 litre capacity the microwave accommodates large dinner plates making it ideal for families looking at the outside we have the beautiful stainless steel

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