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LG 450L Bottom Mount Fridge Model:GB-450UPLX Detailed Video Review

LG 450L Bottom Mount Fridge Model:GB-450UPLX review

this bottom-mount fridge from LG looks great in the kitchen thanks to its sleek design and recessed handles it also makes efficient use of space and helps keep all of your food and drink nicely organized fitted with a multi airflow system a dual speed cooling fan and digital sensors the entire appliance maintains consistent temperature and humidity settings by monitoring the interior and exterior temperatures and by adjusting the running speed of the reliable and efficient digital inverter motor looking inside the fridge you’ll notice how clear it is to see everything and that’s due to the duel tower LED which is extremely bright and emits less heat than conventional incandescent bulbs it also has a longer lifespan tempered glass shelves and plastic door bins within the fridges cavity help store your food and drink with ease while at the base of the fridge there’s a full width crisper drawer for keeping fruit and vegetables fresh this crisper has been designed to retain the evaporated moisture from fruits and vegetables to help them remain fresher for even longer there’s also a retractable shelf in the fridge section which allows you to store taller items such as water jugs or large pots by simply pushing the front half of the shelf and to keep everything smelling fresh there’s also an inbuilt deodorizer within the freezer there are three large transparent plastic drawers as well as a shallow chiller drawer here at the top and to make it even easier to see what goes where the drawers have been labeled with icons that show where to get the best storage for different foods soft desserts can be chilled in that upper drawer while meats can live in the chillers bottom drawers it’s a great way to keep all of your frozen food nicely organized if you ever experience technical issues with this fridge you can use LG’s smart diagnosis smartphone app to quickly find out exactly where the problem is and to sort out a solution straight away like all fridges with a bottom mounted freezer this model is a good choice for anyone with a bad back as you won’t have to bend over every time you want to get something out of the fridge so if this sounds like the fridge for you then give us a call on 1-300-798-779

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5 Replies to “LG 450L Bottom Mount Fridge Model:GB-450UPLX Detailed Video Review

  1. The one thing I sat through this video for was to see how that “ice maker” works, and it’s the one thing he totally ignores. Unbelievable.

  2. Thanks Moira, another lovely infomercial. Nice bit of TV magic too with the disappearing knob on the blue pan – what’s a bit of deception if it helps sell a fridge right? Here’s an idea – how about toning down the slick brochure spiel and studio tricks and helping folks see what the thing might actually be like to live with for the next ten years?

  3. Well>>> we have unboxed it, plugged it in, and filled it with food and drink. It works well, things are We needed a refrigerator for office staff and we were limited in space and needed a narrow “apartment size” refrigerator. Staff loves it and it surprisingly has more space than we anticipated.

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