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LG 450L Bottom Mount Fridge Model:GB-W450UPLX Detailed Video Review

LG 450L Bottom Mount Fridge Model:GB-W450UPLX review

this 450 liter LG fridge is a good mid-range product suitable for a household of four to five people the fridge on top gives you handy eye level access to fresh food and the door mounted water dispenser lets you enjoy a refreshing drink whenever you feel like it capping it off as the sleek design and stainless steel finish which looks great in just about any style of kitchen as with buying any fridge it’s important to check how much space you have available in your home before making a purchase to double check that this new appliance will fit you should allow some extra space for ventilation at the size and at the rear and also make sure that your home’s doors and hallways are wide enough for the fridge to be delivered if you live in a metro area appliances on lines delivery drivers can unbox and setup your new fridge as part of our legendary service and even take away your old fridge for replacing and recycling as you can see this fridge features some designer handles so not only look great but help to make the fridge nice and easy to open on its hidden hinges the water dispenser in the center of the door is supplied by an internal 2.3 liter tank so there’s no need to plumb this fridge into your kitchens water supply of course this does mean that you will need to manually keep the water tank topped up if you want to maintain a steady supply of chilled rinks looking inside the fridge there are three tempered glass shelves and they can be adjusted to different heights to efficiently accommodate items in different shapes and sizes there’s also a pullout tray underneath that’s ideal for easily reaching tricky items at the back of the fridge just smoothly slide it and grab out what you need the full-width moisture balance crisper at the base of the fridge is the ideal place for storing your fresh fruit and vegetables as it helps to maintain an ideal humidity level on the door there are two full width shelves at the bottom and four half width shelves at the top the tank for the water dispenser is found here as I showed you earlier and while it does take up a little bit of space there’s still a fair amount of room left for two bottles the freezer section is down below and that consists of two deep storage drawers for holding your frozen foods for long-term storage as well as a smaller drawer for your more frequently used frozen items there’s also a twist and serve icemaker on the left the partners up perfectly with the fridges waters just keep this ice bin well stocked with ice cubes and your drinks can always stay nice and fresh to keep you fresh and frozen foods evenly cooled and perfectly preserved the fridge features a deodorizer as well as four digital sensors that compare the fridge temperature to that of your room adjusting the performance of the inverter linear compressor accordingly and if you ever do experience issues with the fridge LG smart diagnosis system lets you use your smart phone to help work out exactly what the problem is saving a lot of time and hassle this combined with a 2-year warranty plus 10 year parts warranty on the compressor means that you can count on this fridge to provide consistent cooling for as long as you need it thanks for watching

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