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LG 563L Side by Side Fridge Model:GC L197HPNL Detailed Video Review

LG 563L Side by Side Fridge Model:GC L197HPNL review

hi I’m Yannick from appliances online and today we’re looking at this LG side-by-side fridge the GCL 197 HP NL this is a big fridge with 563 liters of volume which is easily enough storage space for a household of four or more remember when setting up this fridge or any fridge to allow a bit of extra room around the sides and at the rear for ventilation one of the standout features of this fridge is the ice and water dispenser found on the freezer door it features a tool bottle design allowing you to easily fill tool glasses and bottles with filtered water or ice the water and ice dispenser makes it easy for you and your family to access cool drinking water everyday looking inside the refrigerator section you’ll find several door bins of various sizes for holding bottles and cans as well as a dairy section the refrigerator door is also where you’ll find the three liter water tank which stores all your fresh water for the dispenser the adjustable tempered glass shelves are for storing all your foods with ease and the moisture balance crisper ensures all your veggies and fruits are kept fresher for longer looking inside the freezer section we see clear storage drawers 3 tempered glass shelves which allow you to divide your frozen foods between items for long-term deep freezing there’s also a small shelf located here at the very top of the freezer and four door bins also looking at the freezer door you’ll see that the built in ice and water dispenser doesn’t take up much space leaving more room available for storage the fridge and freezer sections maintain their temperatures using digital temperature sensors and multi airflow circulation what’s more lt’s the linear compressor creates less vibration and noise while keeping the fridge running reliably and there you have it a beautiful side-by-side fridge featuring a two-year warranty plus a ten year parts warranty on the linear compressor thanks for watching I hope this video will assist you when shopping with us here at appliances online and don’t forget to click the subscribe button for more helpful product reviews just like this one you

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